How To Stop Your iPad Meeting It’s Maker:


Despite intense competition from pretenders to the throne such as Samsung, Kindle and Microsoft, Apple’s iPad remains the most popular, user-friendly and, let’s face it, sexy tablet available on the market today. Unfortunately, one of the iPad’s great selling points – portability – can also be its downfall. Often literally. The aluminium back can take a knock or two, but the glass screen doesn’t react well to being dropped onto hard surfaces.

At Mantality we know the last thing you want is to watch a movie through a spider’s web of cracks, but at the same time you don’t want to ruin the iPad’s sleek looks with a case the size of a paving slab. With that in mind, we have sourced the Lifeproof Nüüd – in our opinion the best there is. Shock, water, dirt and snow proof, this little beauty completely protects your gadget whilst still allowing instant access to buttons, and even has a cavity which has been specially designed to enhance sound.

Of course, no case can provide 100% protection – black boxes are ‘crashproof’ but still end up in bits if the plane hits a mountain hard enough – but the Nüüd will deal with anything everyday life throws at it. However, as you’ll see below, some people aren’t content with simply throwing life at their iPads. The fact that you are visiting the Mantality site naturally means you are intelligent and discerning, and very unlikely to do something completely crazy. Even so, our lawyers have asked that we insert the following disclaimer.


Frozen, Or On The Rocks?

  • Tom Dickson from BlendTec has been proving the effectiveness of his blender for a while now, pitting it against technology such as cellphones, laptops and Justin Bieber. Alas, that was just DVD’s but we can still hope! In this clip Tom shows us what happens when iPad meets spinning blades. It isn’t pretty.

Board To Tears:

  • Although it’s hard to believe that this video hasn’t been staged, the look on the co-presenter’s face when she realises what has just been used as a chopping board is priceless.

Guns Don’t Kill iPads, People Do:

  • Following several high profile shootings in America, the gun control debate has reached new levels. For anyone who doubts the power of these weapons, simply click here and scroll down to New iPad vs Assault Rifle. Then ask yourself if it’s really a good idea to let someone who can do that to an iPad have guns in the first place.

Do Svidaniya iPadski:

  • In this final clip, the poor iPad comes up against a mad Russian with a penchant for explosives. Keep watching to the end of the video to see how the evil bastard finishes the job!

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