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Hypnotism: 100 Hundred Ways to Win a Tenner


“Do you believe in hypnotism?” you ask the punter. “Because I bet I can hypnotise you I’m sure I can. You look the type” Now no-one likes to look like “the type”, so they’ll ask what you mean. “You look suggestible,” you reply. “In fact, I’m prepared to bet dinner on it,” The stage is set for a demonstration of bogus hypnosis that will hopefully land you a real meal.

You show him what to do by placing your hands together palm to palm, as if in prayer. Rest your elbows on the table. Ask him to do as you do and follow your actions precisely. As he does, you tell him to spread out his fingers.

Next, tell him to bend his middle fingers inwards so that they cross.

Finally, pick up the bill, fold it and slide it between his extended third fingers.

So far he won’t feel anything other than uncomfortable, but it’s now that the bet really begins.

“You’ve got to keep your hands tight together. Keep hold of the bill, Keep your middle fingers bent. That’s important; you really don’t want to separate your hands, Keep your thumbs together, Understand?”

He’ll understand, Now you start your hypnotic jiggery pokery. “I want you to count backwards from ten to one, and as you count, the fingers of your hand will grow numb and will start to lose their feeling So much so that when I snap my fingers you won’t be able to drop the bill onto the table without moving your other fingers That’s the only way you will be able to drop the bill. Are you ready?”

Get them to count slowly “ten, nine, eight, seven,” and so on, When they get to “one” snap your fingers and say “The bill is yours. The bill is yours, The bill is yours.” He can shake his hands around as much as he likes but no matter how hard he tries he won’t be able to release the bill from between his fingers without pulling his hands apart or making some 0 digital adjustment, It has nothing to do with hypnosis though; it’s another top swindle. The bill really is his though.

© Paul Zennon, One hundred ways to win a tenner


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