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If You Build It, She Will Come: Design a bedroom your lady will love spending time in.


Design a bedroom your lady will love spending time in.Tips from the woman’s perspective.

When a woman enters your bedroom, she wants to be reassured that you know your way around it.  But it’s more than just about your prowess during the deed itself; it’s about getting her in the mood and setting the tone first.  For most women, sex she’ll never forget starts long before she’s between the sheets with you, so setting the mood for passion right from the start is the best way to get her charged up and ready to go. And what better way to help set the mood than by creating atmosphere in your bedroom?  If you do it right, she’ll be weak-kneed and tearing your clothes off faster than you can imagine.

Think functional

The bedroom’s not only for sleeping, of course, but you might want to limit what you have in there to the essentials, and keep the focus on the bed.  Don’t let your room become an entertainment theatre or your girlfriend might just be tempted to fake a headache to catch the latest HD episode of her favorite show, instead of getting in on some action with you.  Keep your clutter to a minimum.  If you’ve got Star Wars action figures or family photos on your bedside stand, ditch them – now!  Because we don’t want Luke Skywalker or your parents staring down at us while we’re ravaging their son.

Be discreet and tidy

Nothing spoils a mood faster than tripping over a pair of your dirty Jockeys as we’re making a beeline for your bed.  Except for a used condom from your last one night stand, or when you call us by your ex’s name, of course.   Keep dirty laundry tucked away in a hamper and occasionally run a dust rag over your furniture.  If you’ve got a collection of sex toys, you might want to think twice about having them out on display when a new girl comes over unless you’re prepared for a potentially negative reaction.  Some women are a little more timid when it comes to adventurous play in the bedroom, so introduce your toys when you’re sure you’re both ready, and be subtle about it.

Bonus tip.  If you’ve been dating for awhile, tell her you want to rock her world in bed and ask her to help you pick a toy that will have her chomping at the bit to explore her wildest fantasy.

Finally, set the stage

You want to exude masculinity but avoid a stark or cold atmosphere.  Most men these days go for a modern or contemporary look that’s stream-lined and functional.  Keep your key pieces in man-friendly materials like wood, leather, or stainless steel, but be sure to soften the look with textured accessories that are warm and inviting.  No woman wants to wants to party in a sterile hospital room (unless that’s part of some wild fantasy with you playing Doctor), so add in luxury sheets, plumped up pillows, and a cozy throw rug.  Add soft music and candles for a romantic night in, or turn up the raunch factor if your girl is in the mood to treat you to a surprise strip show.

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