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In recent years, the month of November has seen the world’s men sprouting moustaches at an alarming rate, only to shave them off and pretend nothing happened as soon as December rolls around. Is it temporary insanity, or a sure sign that more and more of the planet’s males are developing a penchant for musical theatre?

In fact, it’s neither of these. It’s Movember; a global charity drive where volunteers agree to stop shaving for an entire month in return for sponsorship. It’s the best kind of fundraising for most guys because it actually requires less effort on their part. Although it’s now technically too late to get involved if you aren’t already, there’s always next year. In the meantime, here are just a few facts and figures about Movember:

  • Since its conception, over 1.1 million ‘Mo Bros’ have raised more than R1.2bn for men’s cancer charities.
  • Participants must be clean shaven on Movember 1st and may only groom the resulting ‘tache.
  • According to the ‘rules’, the moustache must never touch any sideburns. Failure to comply results in disqualification as a beard-wearing muppet.
  • A ‘Mo Sista’ is a woman who supports her ‘Mo Bro’ by spreading the word, finding sponsors and generally ignoring the fact her man looks like a Village People reject.
  • Celebrities who are famous for their moustaches include Merv Hughes, Hulk Hogan, Ron Jeremy and Tyra Banks.
  • Gala Partés are held worldwide to celebrate the end of Movember. Participants meet up to show off their moustaches, award prizes and get totally hammered.

Movember is for an excellent cause, but the downside is that you’ll eventually have to shave off a month’s worth of upper lip hair. You could use a disposable razor, of course, if pain is something you actually enjoy. Alternatively, why not treat yourself to a little bit of luxury with this Mühle Dark Horn set and some Nickel Fire Insurance balm. Your skin will thank you!

There’s also a nifty Movember app for your iPhone®


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