4 Awesome Must Have iPad Accessories


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When Apple first revealed their plans for the iPad, the world wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. Somewhere in between laptop and smartphone, most gadget aficionados dismissed it as a gimmick that would join tablet PCs in the bin. They were dead right about there being no market for such a device, but they forgot to factor in Steve Jobs’ ability to create unlimited demand out of nothing. Competitors rushed to bring out their own versions but, in this pissing contest, the iPad has by far the biggest bladder. Is it possible to improve on perfection, though? Mantality thinks that it is, and here are four ways to do it:


(Pictured above) The problem with something as stylish and desirable as the iPad is that everyone wants one. Apple provides an innovative folding cover in just enough colours to give a hint of individuality, but they also give the impression that your precious tablet has a garden fence stuck to it. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you could do a lot worse than the Jobi GorillaMobile Ori. Designed specifically for the iPad2, this design marvel is made of super-strong aluminum, weighs bugger all, and when it’s not lovingly protecting the screen, it transforms into a cool stand – perfect for FaceTime or watching movies.


OK, you got us! The iPad isn’t actually perfect in every way because the built-in speakers are, let’s face it, a bit crap. Given their size, they do as well as can be expected but can give a sound similar to that experienced on a bus when the person next to you is wearing headphones. The Frostfire Moontube is a powerful, portable speaker that produces superb sound and half-decent bass to boot. It’s also a standalone MP3 player that comes with an attachment that clips to a bike, so you can still play your tunes whilst hurtling down a mountain. With your iPad safely stowed, if you come off at high speed only your bones get shattered.


The iPad’s battery is more than enough to last a normal day, but what if you’re going somewhere for an extended period of time where there’s no power? Lagos, for example. This lightweight charger has enough juice to recharge the device twice over and a solar panel tops it up in between. It’s rugged enough to be shockproof and waterproof so is perfect for outdoor pursuits. Be careful though: should your activities put the power gorilla through everything it’s built to withstand, you probably won’t have an iPad left to charge!


The iPad is at the cutting edge of modern technology, so this stylus is a great way to mix old school with new. Looking like a chunky HB pencil, complete with an eraser on the end, it works with capacitive screens like Apple’s Retina display. If you wear gloves for any reason – cold weather, surgery, ahem…crime* – you’ll be able to use the iPad without taking them off.

*Mantality is in no way advocating the use of this stylus to commit crimes. Chances are youd still leave DNA everywhere anyhow!


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