Jazzing It Up With Condoms


Condoms are considered a bane by most men. If not for the fact they protect us against sexual transmitted diseases, most of us would prefer not to wear it during sexual intercourse. The rubber reduces our sexual pleasure greatly. Not to mention it has zilch practicality; we have to throw them out after one use.

Of course, we kid. Condoms are a necessity, especially when it comes to one-night stands. Condoms have come a long way; from the clear, translucent material we now have many variations of the rubber. This new batch of condoms can really spice up your sex life by leaps and bounds, so much so you may even insist on wearing one! Let’s take a look at the different types of condoms we have.

Flavored Condoms

Unless you play for both teams, chances are you haven’t been on the giving end of a male blowjob. Performing oral sex on a condom-fitted penis can give your girl a gag reflex. The bland taste of the condom can be off putting. For her sake, put on a flavoured condom when you ask her to go down on you. It would be like sucking a lollipop for her!

Side note: We know, we know. Why would one wear a condom during oral sex? You should know that you can catch a STD even during oral, non-penetrative sex. While you can check your gums for open wounds and ulcers, you cannot actually ask your other lady to pry open her mouth for inspection. Always be safe, especially during a one night stand.

Tingling Sensation

The condom manufacturers must feel for us, and they know their products have robbed us of the skin-on-skin pleasurable sensation we are supposed to feel during sex. Thus, the creative minds have come up with a condom that gives you a tingling sensation when you put it on. It is no replacement for the skin-on-skin sensation, but it may just be the next best thing. Durex Pleasuremax Tingle will no doubt enhance the sexual experience for the wearer.

Of Ribs and Dots

Gentlemen whose skills in bed have been lauded are the ones who understand sex isn’t all about ejaculating first. These gentlemen put the needs of their women first, making sure they reach their orgasm(s) before they rush to their big finish. Your choice of a condom can also affect your woman’s sexual pleasure. If you want her to experience heightened stimulation, put on the Durex Pleasuremax. This gem comes with ribs and dots, which enhance the sexual stimulation once you slide your shaft into her vagina. Rub against each other to an explosive orgasm together!

By XY Boon for Mantality.co.za


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