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Keep Your Eyes Peeled for GoogleTV


Google just keeps getting better. When it first launched, it was no more than just a search engine. Since then, Google has infiltrated into our lives by providing all-encompassing services such as Gmail, Adsense and Google Map. Now, adding to this impressive line is the recently revealed Google TV Portal. That’s right, everyone, you can now get your entertainment fix via Google.

Myriad Features

Named GoogleTV, the new web portal will allow users to watch TV in real time. Several TV channels have also partnered with GoogleTV to bring an all-round entertainment to its users. NBC Universal will bring CNBC Real-time so you can have access to all the breaking news in the finance world. With HBO GO, you can watch all your blockbuster movies and cable TV shows right in front of your computer! This means while you are surfing your favorite NSFW websites, you can simultaneously check up on the stocks updates, watch a TV show or keep tabs on the latest NBA game.

Even though it’s positioned as one, GoogleTV goes beyond the features of a TV. Befitting of the term “one stop solution”, you can also use GoogleTV to purchase movies on NetFlix and Amazon Video-On-Demand. The latter will give you access to over 75,000 movie titles and TV shows and you can choose to either rent or purchase the shows. Using NetFlix, you can stream movies and TV shows directly on your web portal! Now that you are spoiled for choice, there won’t ever be a single bored day in your life!

GoogleTV also comes with a music-streaming feature, and you can download all your favourite tunes all thanks to sites such as VEVO, Napster and Pandora. The social media function also consummates this exciting web portal. The Twitter function should appeal to all the junkies as a Twitter interface comes integrated. With this feature, you can tweet as you stream your TV feed! You can also use the Gallery function as a repository for all your private photos (of course, exercise your discretion and leave out the racy ones)!

With such an innovative web application, Google looks set to capture the hearts of many technology-savvy users. What do you think of the new GoogleTV? Are you excited about its launch? Share your view with us!

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