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Last Minute Stocking Fillers For The Whole Family


It’s not long now until Christmas and, unless you live with a member of the more organised sex, we’re betting you’re not quite finished with your gift shopping. Fear not, however, because Mantality has your back. There are already several blog posts here that lead you through the minefield of buying a present for your better half – definitely worth a read if you’re still undecided. This article gives you one or two great ideas for the rest of your family, thereby freeing up time that could be better spent with alcohol.


Unless they live close enough to babysit on a regular basis, grandparents can often feel detached from their families. So why not buy yours a Family Time Photo Clock? With a photograph in each of the 12 separate frames, they can remind themselves what their loved ones look like whenever they remind themselves how little time they have left!


She brought you into the world, nurtured you, and then set you off on your journey through life. How best to repay this incredible sacrifice? Well, nothing says “I love you, mum” like a set of Tom, Dick and Harry kitchen jars! There is no cooler way to store tea and coffee. Buy here!


While Christmas in the Northern Hemisphere is cold and damp, most of South Africa will be basking under a summer sun, enjoying braais aplenty. This Man Apron not only has a ‘tool rail’ for hanging tongs and a towel, but also a bottle opener and pockets for beer, mustard and ketchup. Yet another nifty addition is a hood which, given the overall PVC finish, will make your dad look like an extra from the Hostel movies. Buy here!


Sibling relationships vary from family to family, so we’re giving you two options depending on yours. If you get on with your brother, he’ll love this Inflatable Beer Bucket – even more so if he’s old enough to drink! Buy here!


It’s only natural to feel protective about your sister, especially if she is younger than you. Unfortunately, you can’t be there 24 hours a day and the odd bastard is going to slip through the net. When (not if) that happens, make sure she’s fully equipped to exact revenge by buying her some of this Insulting Tape. It’s not really going to traumatise the guy, but it is funny and will result in much less prison time for your sister than the Thai equivalent of a pair of scissors and helium balloon! Buy here!


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