The New Heroes Of South Africa


Not all heroes wear capes…

While the events of the past week have rocked the nation to its core. We can’t help but be so unbelievably proud of how South Africans have come together against the forces of evil that seek to destroy our beloved country.

We are so moved by how communities have stood together, proud and tall, to say “NO MORE!!” and protect what’s theirs, rebuild their businesses and inspire hope once more.
There is plenty to be hopeful for with heroes like these on our doorstep.

P.S. Maybe not tomorrow, or next week, but soon we’ll get back to this.

Community is our chance to create the South Africa we all dream of

  • Join a Community
  • Help your Community
  • Protect your Community
  • 💖 your Community


Video Highlights

On 9th July 2021: Ahead of Zuma’s arrest.

Any faith in the justice system was soon eclipsed as reports of unrest and rioting began streaming in.

What was to follow rocked the nation to its core

Over 2 million rioters took to the streets and looted, burned and destroyed over 200 malls across major cities in SA

They reduced businesses, shops and livelihoods to smouldering piles of ash and rubble in a matter of hours

People have been quick to criticise leaders for being slow to act.

Police and military personnel were deployed but they were outnumbered.

An all too familiar sight, it was not looking good for South Africa again

It goes without saying that over the years South Africans have had to endure more as a nation than quite possibly any other in the modern world.

As parts of our beloved South Africa were brought to its knees… battered and broken in a smouldering mess.

Many lost hope.

But we have to remember one important thing
We haven’t come this far, to only come this far!

Once again, here we are in the spotlight, forced to show the world what it means to be a true South African.

  • Resilient
  • Persistent
  • Brave
  • Self-reliant
  • Strong

From these ashes a new flame has emerged, a flickering glimmer of hope.

The world will watch closely as this flame grows into a roaring inferno that no force can ever smother.

The hope in our hearts begins to burn bright once more, as we see new leaders stepping forward… Heroes if you will.

But, not all heroes wear capes, you know. Many wear uniforms, true…. but the true heroes of South Africa?

The true heroes live among us!

They’re our brothers, our fathers, our mothers our sisters, and boy did they rise to the challenge.

What these events have taught us is that when communities come together, standing shoulder-to-shoulder, to protect their own and fight the forces of evil.

When we come together like this…. anything is possible.

Is this the dawn of a new beginning for SA?

Whatever happens next, South Africa now belongs to the people.

South Africa belongs to the Communities that:

  • Love
  • Build
  • Protect it



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