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2 will always have a soft spot for the underdog, and while is essentially South Africa’s – not mentioning which very originally pretty much just regurgitates’s offering down to the tee and then charges a hefty markup as well as only delivering your order in 20 working days. is a no frills, no fuss online store that sells every Book, DVD or Game imaginable. It hasn’t got all the distracting bells and whistles and is very streamlined. Allowing for a hassle free online shopping experience – something that cherishes in the South African ecommerce landscape.

Only quarrel is that that the books are delivered within two weeks, but this (and aside from who deliver overnight) shockingly seems to be the norm here in Sunny South Africa.

But all round is a really frills free way to get some of the newest titles available. And Mantality loves them.


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  1. Loot/Kalahari/take2 etc all use a similar model whereby they import a lot of their items. Delivery times on most of their products is actually around 15 days.

    Yeap – it seems to be the norm here in SA.

    Maybe we at should speak to manality, and stock some of the products?

  2. Thanks for the comment Justin. Well, if you do decide to change your model, carry stock , offer overnight delivery and not overly inflate the selling price too much: (and not to sound to anal but there’s no “anal” in the spelling of Mantality) would be only too happy to supply you guys with some cutting edge products aimed specifically at men.

    P.S. That’s a very interesting use of the “HackerSafe” badge you guys have on your site. Are you in fact “HackerSafe” certified? I can’t seem to click through to verify.

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