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Rugby world cup 2011

Unbelievably, it’s already four whole years since the South African rugby team held aloft the Webb Ellis Cup in the Stade de France. This time around, although the Springboks aren’t expected to defend their title successfully – the All Blacks are clear tournament favourites – that won’t stop millions of fans tuning in to support their team. For the majority of these spectators, match viewing will be a simple – and boring – television/armchair combo. For you, though, Mantality has sourced these five amazing products to make your Rugby World Cup 2011 a memorable experience.

The Romantic Gift

Let’s get this one out of the way now, shall we? The Rugby World Cup 2011 runs from September 9th to October 23rd, which equates to seven weeks worth of fixtures. Just how popular do you think that will make you with the wife? For nearly fifty days, you’re going to be working – and drinking – on New Zealand time, which will be enough to test the patience of any normal woman. The only way to ensure hassle-free rugby is via a pre-emptive strike, sorry, present. Any of these romantic gifts ought to keep your lady sweet for the duration of the tournament.

Control The Game

If you have an iPhone, then this Universal Remote Control will enhance your viewing pleasure no end. Simply slip the phone into the case, download the app, and you can use your handset in lieu of practically any IR remote control. The best bit? As well as replacing all your current remotes, should any of the games be a little tedious, it gives you an excuse to have the phone in your hand. Under the guise of adjusting the volume, you can be on Twitter, Facebook or even playing Angry Birds!

Be Kind To Your TV

As has been mentioned earlier, the Springboks are not favourites to win the Rugby World Cup 2011. This means there is a very good chance they may actually lose a game or two. Wales, Fiji, Namibia and Samoa are in the same pool, so the possibility of an upset, whilst highly unlikely, cannot be ruled out. With that in mind, it would be an idea to have this foam brick to hand during the games. That way, if a match isn’t going South Africa’s way, the first thing you pick up to throw at the TV screen won’t be the cat.

Cut Your Pizza Like A Man

While the players on the pitch are super-fit athletes, most of those who will be watching on their televisions are, let’s face it, not. Although the games will be screened in the early hours of the morning, it’s safe to say that beer and pizza will be consumed in massive quantities. So, why not stand out from the crowd by cutting your pizza with a circular saw?

When You Gotta Go…

All that pizza and biltong has got to come out sometime, possibly leaving you with an awkward choice between missing a crucial moment of sporting history and making a mess. The obvious solution would be to invest in a PVR to pause live TV. However, if that’s too expensive, a much cheaper option is the Shit Box. Designed for use in the great outdoors, you can do your business into the provided sealable bag without missing a single try!

CAUTION: Do NOT use this product in front of your wife/girlfriend, or you will be buying her another romantic gift. Or in front of your kids for that matter, it will more thank likely (and irreparably) traumatise them, and you’ll then have to buy them an Addictaball.


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