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Meet Incredible Women Online and Perfect Your Game At The Same Time


Meeting quality women online can prove to be incredibly fulfilling, will allow you to hone your skills, can be done with hardly any effort and won’t cost you a penny. Contrary to popular belief, dating sites are not just littered with socially inept Betties resembling the back-ends of a donkey carcass. No, you are actually going to meet attractive, intelligent women that have it together and who are more than likely there because they are over the bar scene and going to night clubs (where booze-soaked nutbags hit on them left, right and center) and who are looking to meet genuine, funny and charming men who lead real, fulfilling and interesting lives.

Attractive women who place profiles and ads online looking to meet guys are going to receive literally hundreds (and hundreds) of emails from guys and general cyber loons looking to ‘score’ – more so than any bar or club because the embarrassment of public rejection does not exist in the digital realm. That having been said, your objective is to stand out from the hundreds of deadbeats who are sending her emails (or messages) like: “God you’re such a hottie” or “You’re a babe! Lets hookup”, she is going to filter these out quicker than you can say hullabalooza. Instead subject your message with something that’s humorous and sincere, like: “A lot of weirdos online, nice to see that you’re actually a cute weirdo”. [a slight variation of David D’s approach]

The Goal is to Get Her Number:

The whole idea of online dating is make connections and then go out into the real world and actually meet these people. If you start chatting with a woman and decide you’d really like to pursue this and take things further don’t be afraid to ask for her details, specifically her phone number (or email). Try say something to the effect of “I’ve got to dash out now, but it was nice chatting to you. How about we talk later like regular people do but on the phone, so I can see if you really this fun an interesting away from your keyboard? At which point she may tell you that she doesn’t talk to people she’s just met on the internet. This is not a bad thing, it just means you will have to chat a bit more online before taking things further. Meaning, you can find out so much more about her and create more of connection as if you were on a real date (i.e. creating rapport), she’ll become more and more comfortable chatting to you that the next logical step would be a phone call, followed by ravenous animal sex in a public space, not quite but it is a step in the right direction to getting her in a 1-1 situation, where you can let your confidence and charm win her over.

So Where Can I Meet Quality Women Online?

This is a good question, as more and more dating sites are popping up by the day, and all of which are free to join but then charge you when you want to make any sort of contact. Although being great options, these are not the only places to meet women online. Take a look at the following, these should help spark a few ideas on how to meet women online.

True, this is a subscription based dating site however it is the biggest (according to Guinness World Records). Which means you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to searching for prospects, and if you go to the trouble of creating your own profile online (which is free), you are going to get a lot of attention. If you’re serious about meeting women online (or want to expand your seduction horizons) is going to be the ultimate tool to meet women in your area (and worldwide) and will have you building your confidence in ‘approaching’ and bantering with women in no time at all – which you can then carry over into real life pickup . Expect to pay around £15 ($30) per month which may seem a little steep, but is a small price to pay for meeting hundreds of women that you have actually hand-picked.

Online Personals:

These may not produce as many prospects but is always good to scour through these ads, however most of the time there won’t be any photos alongside the ad but a good place to search none the less. Gumtree is quite a well visited personals site (look at the friends / dating section) with a ‘girls seeking guys’ and ‘casual relationships’ section too. This is regional, so make sure you choose your city in the right column.

Face Party:

This is another huge personals site which is free to join and contains hundreds of quality listings with girls looking to meet and have fun with guys. This is a great site to list yourself on if you’re new in town, or will be around for a few months. Writing a simple profile ad saying that you’re just looking to meet fun women who can show you around town is a great approach. Checkout

Face Book:

Now this is first and foremost a social networking site where people mainly keep in touch with their current and old friends. However, the sheer number of people online and ease of adding people as friends make for a great way to meet women, plus a lot of women have public profiles which allow you a sneak peek into their world – detailing what they do for fun, who their friends are and what they are all about, giving you some great fodder for conversation topics. One can also join (and create) groups, where members can share there views, this is a great way to find like minded women and add them as friends. Once someone is added as a friend you can freely send messages, write on their walls and generally flirt to your heart’s content. Checkout

Chat Rooms and Software:

Once you’ve been into the internet dating scene for a while and are confident in your methods, have a look at venturing into live chat rooms where your quick wit and addictive charm will get you into many ‘private’ chats with women and result in email (or even) phone number exchanges. Have a look at MIRC, Skype, Yahoo Instant Messenger and MSN Messenger.

This is by no means all the methods of meeting women online but should give you a great head start and get you well on your way to cyber seduction. Online approaches are far easier than their real life counterparts and it is a great way to get real practice in – sure, not every woman will respond to you but keep at and remember to keep moving on there are many to choose from. Online dating is also great if you are just starting out in pickup and find cold approaching at bars, shopping malls etc a bit too daunting. But most importantly have fun out there and learn from your interactions.

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