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Choosing That Perfect Woody or Aromatic Fragrance


One’s choice in fragrance really speaks volumes about who you are, a man’s fragrance is his identity, his mantra if you will. Think of choosing a man’s fragrance to be not unlike that of what you choose to drink. Each boasts numerous options, whilst some are suitable for special occasions (i.e. Champagne) others are perfect for a far more laid back scenario (i.e. Beer).

Fragrances with a fresh and citrus hint to them, such as D&G’s Masculine, could be worn during a walk in the park or even whilst working out at the gym – it would serve to energise, refresh and revitalise oneself.
Choosing a more woody, spicy or aromatic fragrance to wear on a dinner date or after-work soiree, would evoke masculinity, sophistication and even suggest a hint of manly ruggedness.

The following is a roundup of my favourite fragrances (in no particular order) that are chiefly aromatic or woody in nature:

L’Instant de Guerlain pour Homme – RRP: £44 (75ml)
“This luminous woody fragrance opens with fresh notes of jasmine, citrus and star anise, leading to notes of hibiscus, patchouli, sandalwood, lapsang tea and bitter cacao bean.”

This has to be one my favourites of this list, as it exudes a fantastically masculine yet exotic aroma which gradually fades, leaving a charmingly distinct scent of sandalwood which will remain for hours.

Gucci Pour Homme – RRP: £46 (100ml)
“Gucci Pour Homme Edt Spray by Gucci was launched 2004. It is a spicy, oriental blend. The scent is intense and lush, spicy and aromatic with notes of leather and amber. Full bodied, romantic and very masculine Gucci Pour Homme Edt Spray is recommended for Romantic wear.”

Leathery and manly is definitely the order of the day with this fragrance, this EDT would compliment your favourite pair of lofas and your most debonair button up collared shirt. It says I am the man I’ve always wanted to be, I am successful and sophisticated, seduction is my chapel and women my prayer.

Fahrenheit by Dior – RRP: £40 (100ml)
“A resolutely contemporary fragrance characterized by a meeting of extremes. Fresh, elegant notes blend in perfect harmony with bolder, more virile overtones to create a scent that is warm, subtle, and distinguished.”

Opens with a very earthy, dusty mellow lavender – you are then left with a very woody and leathery base. This is a distinctively recognisable classic (released 1998), that never fails to impress and intrigue and like all good quality fragrances remains (and transforms in aroma) for quite some time.

Safari by Ralph Lauren – RRP: £48 (125ml)
“Introduced By Ralph Lauren in 1992. SAFARI is a refreshing. spicy. lavender. amber fragrance. This Perfume has a blend of lemon. lavender. leather. cinnamon. oakmoss and sandalwood. It is recommended for daytime wear.”

This is definitely a scent for the most rugged of men out there, incredibly spicy with sandalwood roots. Wearing this fragrance you cannot deny smelling noticeably fresh, like having just emerged from a bath lathered with tarragon and lavender and doused with old worn saddle leather.

Well there you have it, these are the top choices to keep an eye out for if you are looking for a new woody or aromatic scent. All of these fragrances are incredibly versatile, manly, woody and yet suggestively seductive – but not overbearing by any means and would be a welcomed addition to any man’s fragrance collection.


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