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Why Women Love Hats, And How Yours Will Get You Laid


Many guys don’t feel the need to wear hats and do so at their own demise, a hat can add oodles of flair to any outfit. Your choice of hat is a bold statement of your confidence and will advertise to everyone within an eye-shot distance that you are a guy who has it together, is confident, commands attention and can outwardly accessorise his outfit stylishly, and with no help from Mom whatsoever.

Hats can also help to convey an element of mystery and intrigue and give you a far more interesting impression, which can often lead to women actually opening you by saying things like “hey, I like your hat”. At which point the ‘Mystery Method’ aficionados will reply with the line “no you don’t, you’re attracted to me!” However a simple “why thank you, I had no idea you where checking me out” and a funny or interesting story of how you came to choose the hat in a store to follow it up, would be a less brash approach to take and set you up for a bit of banter.

Now I’m afraid sport caps and peak caps are a big no-no, especially if they have any slogans or promotional advertising – these are just tacky and will get you nowhere fast. Have a look at the following headwear, these represent the styles that are current and hot, but are also timeless accessories that will see you through for many years to come.

The Trilby

1. The Trilby

One of my personal favourites this is a fantastically versatile hat and adds an air of sophistication to any outfit.

  • What should I wear with it?
    Unless you’re razzling it up at a fancy dress party, try and dress down with the rest of your outfit. Casual blazers or plain v-necked tshirts (black / white / neutral colours) go well with trilbys, light denims and a pair of suave loafers would complete this look.
  • What does it say about me?
    This is a sophisticated accessory and tells people you are confident yet mysterious and would be a very passionate lover as well as interesting to talk to.

The Porkpie

2. The Porkpie

Think jazz, oak mellowed whiskey and hand-rolled Cuban cigars. The pork pie hat was a staple of the British man-about-town style for many years.

  • What should I wear with it?
    An unbuttoned collared white / black shirt, and a black / white skinny tie (contrasting), dark straight legged pants and polished laceups.
  • What does it say about me?
    Strong, powerful, debonair and having a passion for the finer things in life – like a mellowed whiskey or a good merlot.

The Flatcap

3. The Flat Cap

This is an incredibly trendy piece of headwear, and goes pretty much with any outfit, and can even be worn to a BBQ with your mates.

  • What should I wear with it?
    Being an incredibly versatile style of hat this can be worn with pretty much anything, bar a double breasted pinstripe suite of course. Denims, corduroys and v-neck (or button up short sleeve) t-shirts go well here. Add an outlandish belt buckle to really kick things up a notch.
  • What does it say about me?
    You’re a confident, smooth talking, man’s man when you’re wearing one of these – so act it!

The Peak cap

4. The Peak Cap

Generally, the plain peak cap is seen as a quick sloppy fix to jumping out of bed and not having to worry about your mop. Where possible try and go for a trucker’s peak. These are considered uber-trendy and can actually compliment that sporty ‘bad boy’ look you are after.

  • What should I wear with it?
    Go casual all the way. Polo neck, ring tees, cardigans, denims, aviator rim shades, and chunky jewellery go well here but try and spruce things up in the footwear department by wearing some nice pimping white loafers.
  • What does it say about me?
    You are one of the boys, you’re a no bullshit playa and you make sure everybody knows it.

There you go fellas, hope this helps with the decision making process next time you’re eyeing out the hat racks at your favourite fashion store.


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