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Men’s Health 2007 Grooming Awards – A roundup of this year’s best male grooming products


Men’s Health magazine has long been established as the ultimate “go to” magazine for the modern man. This prized publication contains articles and features on a range of topics from fitness, nutrition and grooming all the way to sex, health and wealth. Their annual grooming award represents the editor’s top picks in the grooming category, and is the definitive round up of the year’s best products.

The following is a guide to the cream of the crop, all of which would be a welcomed addition to any modern man’s collection, here’s the round up and in no particular order.

Men’s Fragrance:

  • Polo Double Black – RRP: R375
    The rich mix of mango and pepper in this cologne is tempered by notes of roasted coffee and lush woods. It’s a fiery fragrance perfect for a Friday night out.
  • Prada Amber pour Homme – RRP: R375
    Blending the mineral-heavy smell of amber with the classic smell of barber’s soap wouldn’t have been our first guess for an olfactory power combo. But with this throwback scent, it works.

Men’s Face Care:

  • Jack Black All Day Oil Control Lotion – RRP: R225(Moisturiser)
    This charcoal infused lotion manages to sop up facial oil without sapping moisture. Simply put, it’s our favourite new product of the year. ** Also try Men-u Facial Moisturiser 100ml
  • Lab Series Moisture Eye Gel – RRP: R300 (Eye Care)
    The hydrating gel in this product’s small, ceramic tube is delivered by a roller-ball – a smart tweak that takes clumsy fingers out of the equation. ** Also try Nickel Eye Contour Lift 20ml

Men’s Body Wash:

  • Clinique for Men Exfoliating Body Wash – RRP: R210
    “The more I used it, the more I came to appreciate the gritty feel as it worked,” noted our tester. That cool tingle is menthol.
  • Molton Brown Bracing Silver birch Body Wash – RRP: R180
    This blend of silver birch, cedar and bergamot makes a few minutes in the shower feel like a quick escape, said our tester.

Men’s Shaving:

  • Clarins Men Skin Difference – RRP: R255
    The vitamin B5 and avocado oils in this overnight treatment help slow whisker growth and soften this skin and hair while you sleep. The result? A soft face and an easier shave in the morning. ** Also try Nickel Smooth Operator Shave Gel
  • Shiseido Men Shaving Cream – RRP: R180
    Several active ingredients help this cream moisturise and adhere to your skin during a shave, preventing the harsh sting of razor burn. Best of all? It rinses off easily when you’re done.

The above list should give you a few new ideas whilst you’re next shopping for grooming, shaving or men’s skin care products. Visit to view some of the aforementioned products, as well as browse our extensive catalogue of men’s skin care products.


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