Men’s Sunglasses: 5 Hot Styles For This Season


The single most crucial daytime fashion accessory for any modern are his shades. These set him apart from all those trapped in the “fashionista” rat race and give him his own unique facade. You wouldn’t think it but a lot of your identity and persona goes into the sunglasses you choose and wear.

With so many varying designs and styles out there is can be a little daunting choosing a pair that’s right for you. The best advice I can give you is (paying attention to the styles below) is to go out and physical try them on to see how they fit and sit your face – paying attention to the weight on your cheeks and nose plus how well they suite the shape of your face. Sunglasses should be an investment, so don’t be afraid to shell out a bit more (unless you are prone to losing them easily) as you will certainly feel and see the difference in the quality of the rims and the clarity ( and UV protection) found in the lenses.

What to look out for in Men’s Sunglasses

  • UV protection found in lenses. These should protect your eyes from both UV-A and UV-B (and will be indicated usually be a sticker on the lenses)
  • Sturdiness of the rims (and material used). Acrylic plastic is very common and very versatile and lightweight.
  • Will they be used for daytime (darker lenses) or for night time (lighter / graded lenses)
  • Is a rigid carry case included with the purchase (all major brands provide this)
  • What warranty comes with the pair
  • Have a look at the hinges, are they of good quality and will they last.

The Aviator

This iconic retro style has become incredibly popular as of late and has a devote celebrity following; Justin Timberlake, Heath Ledger and Leo DiCaprio to name a few are all snapped by the papz wearing aviator rimmed shades.

Retro Sports

Coming out of an era famed for He-Man, The A-Team and hairstyles closely resembling birds nests, these 80’s style sports rims are making a huge comeback and will give the wearer that retro chic look they’re after. A sure way to show off your 80’s heritage.

Modern Wrap

These 4054’s from Arnette are timeless accessories and place emphasis on comfort , functionality and wearability. So would make ideal performance shades to use whilst playing sports or any other physical activities.

Tortoise Shell Debonair

These rims are more angled and square in design, but give off a smarter and debonair appearance. These are a great choice for those working professionals wanting to have a bit more of suave appeal with their accessories.

Double Bridge

Suited to a more narrow face these shades could be worn after dark to make a bold statement of your stylistic prowess.

You do pay for what you get in terms of sunglasses, however the big brand fashion labels will have you paying significantly more for merely the name. Some brands to look out for that represent top quality and affordability are:

  • Diesel
  • Fossil
  • Arnette
  • Police
  • Roxy
  • Ray Ban

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