Review: Wacaco Minipresso Portable Espresso Machine


When camping or on the go, one shouldn’t have to forego enjoying a good shot of espresso. However, it’s not always practical to take along a coffee machine no matter how compact it is. Wacaco have created a nifty portable espresso machine called the Minipresso, and it’s only a bit bigger than a tall can of beer, and weighs a mere 350 grams. Let’s a take a look at the review of this espresso gadget.

My first impressions when opening the box was that it’s a solid and well-constructed little device. All the parts unscrew easily to allow your Nespresso (or Nespresso compatible) capsule and water to be added to the Minipresso. Ready for brewing a perfect shot of espresso. The rubberised grips are a nice touch and ensure it doesn’t slip around in your hand. Something that’s essential when you begin pumping the coffee. The Minipresso can be pumped with a single hand but 2 are advisable. The pressure created by this pumping is 116 psi or 8 bars. This is the original pressure used for piston type espresso machines and is perfectly suited for this device as well.

To get started with making the espresso you’ll need a Nespresso compatible coffee capsule which are readily available from all good grocery stores throughout SA. Secondly, you’ll need about 70mls of hot water. Keeping hot water in a thermal flask should do the trick.

How to use the Minipresso espresso machine

  1. Fill hot water to the fill line on your water cup, turn Minipresso upright and screw onto water cup. Don’t overfill otherwise you’ll have scalding hot water dripping onto you.
  2. Place coffee capsule into slot and screw lid on tightly
  3. Unscrew the cup and place upright on a level surface
  4. Unlock the pump and position the Minipresso over the cup
  5. Begin pumping by pressing the pump arm into the device for about 8 times
  6. Coffee then begins to pour out the spout. Continue pumping until no more coffee comes out
  7. Sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour

What makes this gadget really neat is the compact size of it. This really allows you to take it anywhere, even when travelling. At a weight of 350g and only 175mm in length, it can fit in your bag or backpack with ease. Combine that with an equally compact thermal flask for the hot water and you’re all set.

The Minipresso comes in 2 versions: the Nespresso capsule and ground coffee versions. The Ground coffee version takes a little more time to prepare but is more eco-friendly. One thing to remember is that you need to drink your espresso fairly quickly after pouring it, otherwise it’ll cool down below the ideal temperature. If you’re able to use ceramic or glass espresso cups too, pour hot water into them to retain heat.

Overall I found this is a very good quality device that makes exceptional, creamy espresso that’s brimming with flavour. It’s an essential bit of gear for all camping, biking, hiking and travel enthusiasts that can’t stand to be away from great tasting espresso even when they’re on the go.

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