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Best Multi-Tools & Pocket Tools for Your Everyday Carry


Multi-tools are becoming more and more essential in our everyday lives. As men we like to be prepared for anything that life throws at us. Our everyday carry essentials (or EDC) are the gadgets that help us get through the day. We carry only the best brands such as: LeathermanNite Ize, True Utility, Gerber and more.

There’s no better feeling than having the right tool for the job, not to mention impressing friends and family with your ingenuity, all whilst providing some much-needed assistance. And the less tools needed to get the job done the better. That’s why a 5-in-1 multi-tool or even 10-in-1 gadget is music to a man’s ears.

What you put in your EDC is dependant on your everyday encounters. Some men spend their days in the outdoors and need a heap of survival type goodies, whilst your “everyday man” only needs a few essentials to help him navigate everday urban life. But whatever your situation, as the scout motto goes, be prepared.

Leatherman Pocket Survival Tools

Since 1983 these guys have been making the best multi-tools on the market. The original Leatherman tool was called the PST, or known as the Pocket Survival Tool. Eight years in the making, the PST comprised of 13 different tools and folded up into a five ounce, four inch toolbox. In the first year of business, Tim and Steve hoped to sell 4,000 tools; instead, they sold 30,000. And over the next decade, they would sell over one million PST multi-tools.

Nite Ize Multi-Tools

For something a little more compact Nite Ize have a range of pocket sized essentials that will not only be super handy, but are strong and will fit in your wallet or on a keyring.


True Utility Keyring Tools

These guys make some impressive tools that are made from aircraft grade materials, and are super compact. No doubt you you’ll find a few useful keytools to add to your keyring from True Utility.


Other Cool Multi-Tools

Some other cool multi function tools can be found below. Tactical pens are a handy tool to add to your EDC as it not only allows you to write good old fashioned notes, but has a flashlight, acts as a self defense weapon and you can use it to break glass or other hard materials. The enginer tool pen is also super handy as it is a coventional pen as well as a screwdriver, and stylus for your smartphone amongst other things. The wallet ninja is a card sized classic that can do a lot – from opening bottles, to being a screwdriver, cutting tape off boxes and much more. A definite must have.


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