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The Convertible Nap Desk


We all remember the Seinfeld episode where George develops the perfect plan to be able to nap at work while making people think he is actually working. Unfortunately, due to his snoring he is caught in the act and his ingenious plan falls apart. We are all about taking a break when the work day gets a little rough and so we are always keeping an eye out on office gadgets that might help us accomplish that. We stumbled across a company called Studio NL which is based out of Greece and has one of the coolest looking office spaces we have ever seen. Of course the product concepts that that they create are reflective of those amazing office spaces which has brought the concept of the Convertible Nap Desk.

The desk itself looks pretty standard with a minimal white design and very modern look to it. The prize of this gadget comes when you look underneath the desk and see that there is a built in bed that encourages people to take a quick power nap in the convenience of their own work space. It is impressive because the bed you lay down in actually looks comfortable but the desk itself doesn’t take up a ton of room. The desk is also great because it is a standing desk which allows the user to have better blood circulation and not feel like a bump on the log when it comes to sitting on your butt throughout an entire work day. It looks like they might have also added a small little monitor or TV which leads us to think that you could even work while laying down on the bed or watch TV. We don’t know the statistics of how much work is accomplished when laying in bed but we will just make up a statistic and say it is twice as much as sitting in an office chair.

We don’t know how widely companies will adapt this amazing piece of office furniture but we definitely like the idea of this going to companies across America. A workforce that is well rested should be able to dominate the industry.

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