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Exciting New Arrivals for August 2009


JFold Altrus Oiled (purple)

Phew! We’ve been busy these past few weeks adding some hot new items to the line-up. Things like silk neckties, zsiska designer cufflinks, natural penis enlargers (yes penis enlargers) and new J.Fold leather wallets have all made their way onto the store.

Silk Necktie Dappled (Black)

Add a bit of sophistication and colour to any shirt with this premium quality 100% pure silk necktie in an assortment of patterns and colours. All ties come in their own gift box.

Zsiska Mosaic Gold Leaf (with Swarovski crystal) Cufflinks

ZSISKA cufflinks are 100% handmade and feature exquisite resin beads, Swarovski crystals, genuine gold/silver leaf inlays – and all with a unique translucent finish that is both a bold and suave fashion statement.

J.Fold Altrus Oiled (Purple)

Introducing The Original Sports Wallet, a sleek and slim profile Oiled Purple Altrus wallet, featuring 100% top grain leather that is ultra rugged and uber stylish. Slide one of these wallets into your (pant or suit) pocket and you won’t even know it’s there, it’s that thin, it’s that light. This is due to J.Fold Original’s Flat Profile Microfiber interior that not only makes this a uniquely trendy wallet but also one that is tough and constructed to last.

Male Edge Natural Penis Enlarger

Most men find that their penis stops growing by the age of 20. Fortunately, there’s now a safe and cost effective way to start it growing again – and it’s clinically proven to work. The Male Edge penis enlarger is a traction device that harnesses your body’s natural potential for growth. In fact, clinical trials have shown an average increase of 24% in length and 19% in girth. Wanting that little bit extra is only natural – and with the Male Edge penis larger you have a 100% effective way to gain the extra inches you crave.


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