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Whilst living in London, I found a company called Lovefilm which (back then) worked on a novel concept of hiring DVDs through the post. How it worked was that you would sign up; create a wishlist of titles you’d like to watch; select how many DVDs you’d like to keep at any one time; and as and when watched movies are returned new titles would be posted out. Genius!

Now, the British postal service is super quick so this makes it a very attractive option over there. Our postal service, (which I have immense faith in, and am constantly impressed by) although a day or two slower (i.e. 3 working days) does not make a viable choice from a postage point of view – more time would spent waiting for the DVDs to arrive than getting your money’s worth.

Upon recently moving out to Broadacres in Fourways, whilst visiting my local DVD store I discovered Movies 4 Africa, which is an online dvd rental site with not only free delivery and collection in the Fourways (and surrounding) area but also gives you a free 1/2 month trial when you signup.

How does online DVD rental work?

Well, quite simply you sign up, select the DVDs and games you’d like and add them to your wishlist; then the DVDs are delivered within 24hrs. Once you’ve watched them, visit the site and “return” them by clicking on the return checkbox next to the titles against your account. Then the following day, the old titles are collected and the new ones dropped of at the same time – and so it goes. No delivery charges!

What’s the cost?

Surprisingly economical! The monthly pricing is based on the amount of titles you’d like to keep at any given time. Take a look at the package options below:

1 @ a time = R156 per month
2 @ a time = R247 per month
3 @ a time = R351 per month
4 @ a time = R390 per month

I’ve been using these guys for almost a month now, and all I can say is that I’m really impressed with the selection of titles, constant new arrival and the level of service.


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  1. Krystyna Potgieter on

    Movies 4 Africa are definetly the best buy around.I’ve been subscribing with them for the last couple of months and am constantly amazed by the their “can do” attitude simply unforgettable. Great value without a doubt. Congratulation to Movies 4 Africa keep it up.

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