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Orlando Towers: Swingers Do It Freefalling


Hairier than a yeti’s nut sack, the Orlando Towers king swing is sure to have you whimpering like a school boy in anticipation – or at least put a bit of fluff on that thar chest of yours. Experience an exhilarating 100m plunge between two giant cooling towers, hurtling toward the ground at break-neck speeds, having the scream literally sucked out of you, whilst wondering if your heart is supposed to be that close to your adam’s apple. Sound like fun?A guide will meet you at the harnessing area, where you will be strapped into your climbing harness. You will then step into the open-air lift that will elevate you up the outside of the west tower to a landing 3m from the top. At this point, you proceed on foot up the floating stairway – suspended in mid air!

At the top of the stairway, you will reach the rim of the tower, where you can pause to view the breath-taking panorama over greater Soweto, before proceeding onto the jump deck.

Sandile waves at the camera… At the jump master’s command, you will step onto the swing platform on the rim, 100m above the ground (33 stories high!!!). Our experienced swing technicians will guide you through the safety procedures, in preparation for your jump and swing.

Brownlee goes BIG… You will face the open sky… and take a leaping swing into the gap between the towers.

You will free-fall for an exhilirating 40m before the pendulum of the rope attachment will swing you up and out again, with a spectacular view over the Orlando Dam.

Once the pendulum swing has stopped, you will be lowered down to the ground crew, who will receive you with open arms, and lower you back onto the ground.

Feel the FREEDOM!!!

Cost: R360 (as of 25/03/09)

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