What’s Needed To Pack On Muscle While You Sleep


Raise your hands if this sounds oddly familiar: You’re a self-professed gym buff and your workout routine spans seven days a week. You spend every waking hour obsessing about not working out enough. You have had numerous arguments with your other half, as she is seething with jealousy about your commitment to your body. During coitus, you have tried to lift your girlfriend like a dumbbell while in the standing position.

Many men, like you, are in pursuit of a sculpted and tapered body. Their obsession with male-body perfection puts Narcissus himself to shame. The common fallacy amongst these gym enthusiasts is that the more you pump, the more effective the results. What they do not know is that just as important as working out is resting!

The Lowdown on Muscles

Muscles are tissues, and they are more than just aesthetics; they give your body the energy to move freely. Thus, when someone — typically a scrawny fella or morbidly obese guy — professes: “I haven’t got a single muscle on me!” he is wrong. Every living person has muscles and their muscles grow when they exert any form of physical force.

Many fitness instructors recommend working the muscles to the point of fatigue for optimal results. That we do not contest, but we seek to clear the air that they don’t mean for you to exhaust your muscles seven days in a row. Do so and you risk muscle atrophy: a condition where your muscles are overworked to a point they can no longer grow, and instead, shrink.

A fitting analogy: Imagine you are burning the midnight oil and have gone without sleep for two days. Lethargy sets in, hampering your work productivity. The same happens when you over-exert your muscles for a prolonged duration.  Same thing with mental exertion: your brain which is very similar to a muscle, will tire out and not perform at its peak when over-worked without time to rest. Thus, if your goal is to get ripped, you need to factor in ample rest time whenever you work out. Most people recover well with a two-day break in between sessions.

Nourishing Your Muscles

Some gym fanatics prefer to skip their post-workout meal altogether because they do not want to pack on the calories; this is especially true for those who are on a weight loss journey. Unfortunately, this is once again counterproductive. Many have also considered carbohydrates as a bane, albeit this cannot be any further from the truth. You have just expended a great amount of energy, and energy is just what your body needs after a workout. There is a special nickname for heavyweights who faint in public: Macho Mary.

Thus, you need to ingest a high-carbohydrate meal shortly after an intense gym session. Proteins will also give your muscles the nutrients they need to grow, so be sure to get your protein fix. Recommended supplements you can consider: ON After Max, BSN True-Mass and BSN CellmMass. These supplements will accelerate your muscles growth (by flooding them with the nutrients they’re craving) and give you the body you have always desired.

By XY Boon for Mantality.co.za


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