Jazz Up Any Outfit and Get Noticed With These Peacocking and Accessory Ideas


In the animal kingdom the male suitors of any species will always sport some unique feature that will get them noticed by the females they wish to court. A good example (and for the namesake of this article) is the Peacock, who in an effort to win the heart of the peahen, will exhibit the most incredible cascading, iridescent blue-green feather display imaginable.

And would you believe that humans are fundamentally not far different. We too are attracted to the exceptional, the brilliant, the beautiful, individuality and the unattainable – it has been hardwired into us from our very humble homo-origins.

So why wear Peacocking items or “whatzits”?

Have you ever noticed someone that you were just aching to go up and chat to, but then thought to yourself “what would I say?”, and ended up letting the opportunity pass you by for fear of embarrassment or social rejection? Well, wearing an interesting gambit or item will give people wanting to come up and chat to you a bit of fodder for conversation. They could simply ask “that’s really interesting, can I have a look at that?” pointing to your outlandish white-gold thumb ring, or uniquely engraved two-tone bracelet. Anything to stand out above the rest and evoke an interest or curiosity is your key to getting noticed and approached.

The following are a few ideas of items you could wear or show off that are sure fire ways to be noticed:


Especially when worn after sunset. A fashionable pair of sunglasses is a good way to attract attention from women, as you are almost guaranteed she will come up and try and take them off you in an effort to wear them herself.

What to go for?

  • Aviator rimmed (i.e. classic ray ban pilot style)
  • Retro frames (i.e. big chunky white frames)
  • Clear / graded lenses


You may not realise it but women base a lot of your style ability on your footwear choice and how well it goes with the rest of your ensemble. So if there’s one item you choose to spunk up in the accessory department, your shoes should be it.

What to go for?

  • Glossy colours (this is not everyone’s style though)
  • Square toed
  • Boots
  • Snake or crocodile skin (expensive but flashy)


You really should have a watch for general wear and then one that’s slightly dressier to wear out.

What to go for?

  • Dot matrix (as pictured are popular nowadays)
  • Square and rectangular bezels (very debonair)
  • Watches with interesting straps


Night out on the town? Then be sure to wear an eye catching or colourful tie. A good tip for matching ties to your shirt is to take the primary colour of your shirt and match accents (of that colour) into your tie.

What to go for?

  • Skinny ties
  • Angular striped
  • Colourful (not ‘clowny’ though)
  • Interesting fabrics (i.e. leather)

Belts and Beltbuckles

Flashy belt buckles and tastefully coloured belts straps are a hot way to grab her attention. Spruce up an old belt by getting yourself a new chunky buckle.

What to go for?

  • Bold buckles
  • Varying materials
  • Interesting weaves
  • Colours (which do not have to match your shoes but should be ‘harmonious’ to an extent)


Less is more when it comes to jewellery so go for a few key pieces and try not to over do it and go all “P Diddy” or is that “Puffy”.

What to go for?

  • Rings
  • Necklaces
  • Earrings
  • Bracelets


A timeless choice of hat (like that of the tribly) is a bold statement of style and is guaranteed to add charm and mystery to any outfit. Also see Why Women Love Hats, And How Yours Will Get You Laid.

What to go for?

  • The Trilby
  • The Porkpie
  • The Flatcap


Wearing these bad boys will give you that retro geek chic appeal and bound to draw plenty of attention. These can be worn conventionally or hanging from your waist.

What to go for?

  • Skinny braces
  • Coloured braces
  • Patterned braces


Try and use technology to get those introductions. The Scrolling LED Name Badge is really good example of wearing an attention grabbing gizmo, that can also display upto 6 different 256 character messages of your choice – i.e. “I’d rock your world!” would definitely get you a few choice looks. Warning: be selective and avoid being too gimmicky.

What to go for?

  • Flashing badges
  • Glowing jewellery
  • Dot matrix display tshirts

Mobile Phone Accessories

If you’re one of those people that love showing off your mobile phone by leaving it in full view for all and sundry, then make sure it looks the part and is the centre piece of every table it rests upon.

What to go for?

  • Colourful
  • Glowing or flashy
  • “Blingy”


Although not really an accessory, a good quality designer fragrance is going to get you a lot of praise, women can’t help but comment on an intoxicating aroma that tickles their fancy.

What to go for?

  • Fahrenheit (although popular, it’s woody and distinct)
  • Gucci Pour Homme
  • Issey Miyake
  • Zirh Eau de toilette

Try some of these pieces the next time you’re out on the town, and you may just find yourself the centre of attention.


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