A Brief Introduction to Penis Enlargers and Extenders

By James Mew for Mantality.co.za

Many guys feel that they come up a little short when it comes to penis size. Most women will give the whole rant about “it not being the size of the boat but the motion in the ocean” or “it’s how you use it that counts”.  Yes, yes, we know. But truth be told, and just how we like our pizzas, 4×4’s, fillet steaks and beers: BIGGER is always better! So regrettably ladies, in fact, we do want that whopping great big boat. Okay maybe not freakishly “do not come near with that thing” BIG. But somewhere in between a giggle and “whoah, I had no idea… get over here now stud”.

You may have thought about it, or seen the videos on penile enlargement surgery – and to be perfectly honest it looks a little scary – then there’s always the risk that after the surgery you find that your, ahem… elevator doesn’t go all the way up to the top floor. So with surgery being too scary, pricey and out of the question. “What else is there that one can do to get a heaving crotch?” I hear you ask. Penis enlargers and extender devices are a safe, non-surgical and relatively inexpensive way to get the cock of your dreams. A cock to rule them all, you could say.

Just about every penis enlargement device or penis extender, worth its salt, that has ever been made, is available from Mantality.co.za. We have over 12 different penis enlargement devices, as well as herbal supplements. Probably the widest selection in the Southern Hemisphere let alone SA. (Ass full of smoke at this point, apologies) The devices available utilise either a traction based penis enlargement system (also called “penis extension”) or the “belt harness” based system. Both cater to a different kind of requirement. Penis enlarger pumps are one to avoid and should really only be used in the instances where your existing erections need a bit more oomph.

Most of these penis enlargement devices can be worn under normal clothing, and a bigger fuller penis, can be achieved within 6-8 weeks. So while it does take time, and a significant investment, the results you see will be permanent. And this won’t just mean a larger penis, but a better quality of life, better sexual performance and increased self-esteem. Now who wouldn’t be happier with just ONE of those benefits – you’re getting all of these and more.

Penis enlargement devices:

Please note: as with any such medical device or procedure, there will be risks. It’s important to stop using this device if you experience any side effects. These may include losing sensation in your peripheral nerves (making it more difficult to ejaculate), impotence, scarring, lesions or other permanent damage.

We’re very confident in the supreme quality of the enlarger products stocked at Mantality.co.za; but if you follow the manufacturer’s directions, and keep at for a 6-8 week period and are still unhappy with the product and/or can show no gains in girth or length. We will gladly exchange or refund your purchase. Please note: due to the nature of these products and in order to ensure a swift returns procedure,  we will require a detailed log/journal of your usage and progress (with the product) from day 1.


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