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10 Tips For Taking Sizzling Photos Of Her In The Buff


Professional photographers do come with some fancy equipment, they do come with experience, but they don’t come cheap – and chances are your missus will feel a bit more comfortable with you behind the camera than some leering stranger.

A tastefully photographed nude photo shoot needn’t be pricey and can be an extremely fun and sexy way for the both of you to express your sensuality and creativity.  But there are a few guidelines you should follow to make a success of it.

The Preparation

So you want to snap my white-bits do you?

Getting her to consider and even agree to a nude photographical soiree is going to be tricky. She’s chiefly concerned with how she’ll look in the buff, and of course you porning pawning off the photos to the lads down at the pub (or online) once you’re done. So let her know this is not going to happen – and keep to your word.

Discuss the opportunity with her and let her know that she will be completely involved in all the creative aspects, i.e. angles, composition etc, of the photos. Let her know that she doesn’t have to do or reveal anything she doesn’t feel comfortable with – she doesn’t even need to reveal her face as doing so can create an element of mystery. Assure her you wish to do this because you find her utterly  gorgeous and immortalising her sultry curves on film would make you incredibly proud and happy. Then leave it at that an let her mull over the idea.

Less is more

Once everyone is on board and raring to tear their clothes off for the camera have a sit down and go through all the aspects of the shoot and the various shots you’d like to take. Get creative and go mad here – involving her in every aspect. If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, take a look at photography books or magazines to get an idea of what is sexy and what looks good.

The shoot does not need to involve Playboy-esque type nudity and selecting only a few areas of her body to be exposed can still be very sexy, some of which may be obscured by other body parts, props, clothing or even you. Take her concerns seriously and work to resolve them – don’t flog her off and say “c’mon sweetie, don’t be silly, you look gorgeous”.

Up-Close and Personal

Don’t be afraid to get up close and fill the frame with any part of her. The focus should be on her, so take the time to find interesting and creative angles to use, to get the shot. A whole world of detail and shapes open up when you get really close to your subject.

Be Professional

She’s your girlfriend, not a pornstar (well at least not for this) so be respectful and considerate. Listen to her concerns. Be professional, but fun and light hearted – this will keep her at ease and responsive to your suggestions. Make sure she’s relaxed and having a good time, make it playful and fun. Try having a couple of glasses of wine beforehand (whilst discussing the shoot) to loosen her up and release a few inhibitions.

What Happens To the Photos?

Quell her fears by letting her know exactly where the photos will be displayed – (framed photo, poster, website etc). This is especially true when her face is in full view. Tell her what you plan to do with the photos once you’re done. Also, it’s a bit cheeky to purely take the photos to store in your picture folder for your own masturbatory enjoyment – put in a little effort and make a lavish sentiment out of the shots. A series (say of three photos) framed and hung in the bedroom would not only look incredible but make a bold statement about your feelings toward her.

The Shoot

Get Doodling

Plan out the shots with little drawings or a descriptive paragraph to work out the mechanics of the whole shoot, and what sort of shots you’re looking to get.  Discover interesting compositions where parts of her are obscured by objects or create interesting negative spaces (empty areas around the focal point or object).

Black & White

Colour, whilst creating mood and emotion, will expose many imperfections and tonal blemishes etc so one way around this is to shoot in black and white. Black and white photos will soften out the tones and lend to a more classic, arty style  photo.

Heat things up

Literally! If you want her to be gracefully writhing around into 27 different poses for the next 60 mins, you’re going to need to make sure the temperature of the room is just right and she’s not chattering away like a chimpanzee on methamphetamines. Feel free to ‘warm’ her up however you see fit – probably best to steer clear of things like boiling pots of water and homemade flame throwers here.

Equipment and cameras

While not everyone has access to professional photographic equipment like lighting, digital SLR cameras and photo editing software, you can get away with some sexy shots using only a few bare essentials. These would include:

  • A digital camera: consumer zoom cameras would work fine here. Shoot on the highest resolution possible to make it possible to crop and retain the quality when printed
  • Lighting: the best lighting for soft shadows is early morning or late afternoon. Use natural light where possible and stay away from light bulbs and lamps etc – they will muck up the colour reproduction and will cast harsh shadows.
  • A tripod: essential in low level lighting scenarios as any slight shake will cause the photo to blur.
  • Backgrounds: although not crucial plain coloured backgrounds do not distract the eye and create a focus on the subject
  • Photo editing software: there a loads of free programs out there to help you get the best from your image. Adobe Photoshop Elements is a good cheapish alternative to Windows Vista’s free Photogallery.

What makes a good nude photo?

Good lighting: whether it be soft and moody or bold and bright , lighting brings out detail and creates a mood.

Composition: are interesting shapes being formed? is the rule of thirds (dividing elements into 3’s)being obeyed? Are questions you should be asking yourself.

Colour (and tone for black and whites): the use of colour in your photos can convey emotion and create focus, i.e. red lipstick, lingerie or nipples would all be interesting focal points.

Subject: is the subject interesting? Is there something mysterious about her smile or are her eyes absolutely captivating. Look for these, and find ways to convey this in the photo.

Patterns and textures: look at placing contrasting patterns or textures alongside each other, i.e. like the close up of the soft skin around her navel with the textured denim fabric of her jeans. Or an intricately detailed African-style necklace flowing down her cleavage.

By James Mew


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