Flirting At the Gym


While the place may just be a tad unconventional, the gym is actually a good place to expand your social network and get lucky with women. Why is that, you ask. There is a plethora of reasons: first, the women are working out, and a woman who is health-conscious and keeps herself in fighting shape is a keeper. Second, the ladies are usually clad in sports bras, which leave very little for imagination. And third, you have just had an intense workout, and your bulging muscles and poppy veins consummate a very masculine image. Knowing you look pretty good, you exude great confidence and this ups your chance of scoring with the ladies.

Of course, there are a few pointers you want to keep in mind when you make an advance on that pretty, perky woman you see lifting weights. Here are some golden tips for you.

Wipe that Sweat Off Your Face

If you are still reeling from a run on the treadmill, it is best that you wait a couple of minutes before you approach a female gym-goer. Yes, no doubt, a guy with an athletic built is sexy, but he is hardly attractive if sweat is running off his face like a water tap. If you can smell your sweat-odor, you might want to hit the showers before making a move on her.

Put on the deodorant; smelling fresh even when you’re at the gym will earn you some cookie points with the ladies!

Time It Right

Just like in exercising, timing is of paramount importance. If she is running on the treadmill —and running hard— it is best to wait for her to finish her run before you instigate a conversation. Not only are you distracting her when you approach her in the middle of her run (read: annoying), she may also not be able to hold up to a conversation anyway. The best times to approach a lady at the gym is at the water cooler, after she had a sip of water, or when she’s doing her cool down exercises.

Be a Conscientious Gymmer

After you have spotted the girl of your dreams, offer to spot her when she’s doing weight exercises. Note: this is not the chance for you to take a peek down her sports attire. Be genuine about your intentions, and keep your hands to yourself. You don’t want a sexual harassment lawsuit thrown your way, right?

Leave With Her

If everything goes well, and she’s been reciprocating your flirtatious gestures, it would be wise to leave the premise with her. And yes, this means curtailing your gym session if need be. If she makes a remark about how you’ve been at the gym for less than half an hour, laugh it off by saying your plans for the day have taken a turn for the better. Offer to walk her home if she lives within the area, or suggest having a light post workout meal together. Now, that’s taking things to the next level.

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  1. It’s probably also wise to remember that, just like a pre-exercise warm up in any good workout routine, it’s a prudent idea to warm her up to you before hitting the heavy weights – try building up to a chat by first smiling at her across the room or as you walk past her treadmill (if she’s looking). Plus, if she regularly looks after herself, you’ll likely see her again and can build up more of a familiarity/reliability factor in her eyes. More haste, less speed.

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