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Playboy Went 3D – Should You? Are 3D laptops worth the hype?


Playboy Went 3D - Should You? Are 3D laptops worth the hype?It’s no secret that 3D is a big ticket at the box office.   According to The International 3D Society, flicks that take us beyond the second dimension generate a third of total box office revenue.  It’s not only theaters that are profiting, but entertainment providers in all media are seeing this consumer trend for the cash cow it really is.  Even sunglasses designer Oakley is gearing up to launch a line of optically-optimized eyewear for home and theatre, saving style mavens everywhere from the sartorially distasteful retro frames of the fifties.

Over at the Playboy Mansion, good old Hef himself is milking the trend to revive his struggling empire; featuring the assets of his playmates in three gloriously luscious dimensions.  The June 2010 issue, featuring Hope Dworaczyk, was the first to do so, hitting newsstands complete with plastic-windowed glasses.  When asked what people most wanted to see in 3D, Hugh replied, “Probably a naked lady.”  34-Cs in 3D?  Dwindling sales or not, Hefner’s logic is flawless.

And with the rise of stereoscopic webcams now under development, it won’t be long before naked women are jumping off our screens and into our living rooms live and (nearly) in person.  Just one reason why you might want to consider investing in the newest trend in laptops.

Top PC companies like Acer, Toshiba, and LG are throwing their weight behind the trend, rolling out new lines of 3D laptops earlier this year with more set to launch for the upcoming holiday season.  Though it’s still a niche market and one not yet transferable to ultra-portable notebooks thanks to high-powered processors and discrete graphics, there are a few reasons why you might want to check out the goods.

The most obvious is the 3D laptop’s rich video content capabilities; and with sites like YouTube jumping on the bandwagon of 3D-enabled content, you won’t be limited to movies.  The potential for gaming on 3D laptops is also huge thanks to developments in the conversion of existing games to 3D and Nvidia’s 3D Vision display technology.  Try taking Toshiba’s Qosmio X505-Q880 or Acer’s Aspire line for an immersive gaming experience.  Also broaching the 3D realm is PC compatible technology as companies like Fuji widen their lenses to capture three dimensional images.  The FinePix Real 3D W1 comes with a built-in 3D auto-function that lets you shoot both stills and movies.

But, are 3D laptops worth it?  According to consumer analysts, sales are lagging thanks to high prices and a lack of consumer interest in portable 3D technology.  What’s your take?  Are PC companies riding a dying trend?  Or are you already scoping out a new laptop case for your next 3D toy?  Finally, who would you most like to see in all her three dimensional glory?

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