4 Sex Positions That Will Have You Looking Like a Pornstar

Forget chocolates, flowers and romantic walks down the beach, although these are cute and have their place, your sexual prowess and bedroom agility is what will get her dialling your number the next time she is feeling a little hot under the collar and hornier than a catholic schoolgirl.

Sex should never be predictable for her, when this starts to happen her interest will wander and she will seek out new and more exciting men to fill her passionate needs and to have wild unpredictable sex with. To prevent this from happening, make sure and experiment with varying locations as well as sex positions. This will keep her on her toes and also have you looking like a creative, passionate, adventurous and experienced lover.

The following positions, although quite challenging, are good ones to try out. And remember if a particular position becomes too difficult, awkward or uncomfortable, simply move on to the next. The trick is to find a new favourite position to add to your (ever growing) repertoire.

1. The Bumpy Ride

Have her resting cross-ways on your lap, with you holding onto her as if you were about to pick her up and carry her. A soft surface is advisable for this one as you will have no leverage whilst thrusting into her from below.

Why is it good?

This will be a very intimate position as you will be looking straight into her eyes. Her clit and breasts are easily accessible and can allow you to give her that added pleasure.

2. Hang on Sloopy

This is a great one for her as she will control how deep you penetrate her by the opening and closing your legs which she is controlling from your knees, i.e. open legs for deep penetration.

Why is it good?

Aside from the great view you will have of moving in and out of her from behind, rear positions are incredibly primal and a huge turn on for guys. So go slowly.

3. The Open Cross

Although considered a bit of a classic manoeuvre, no sex session should be without this cracker. Try out different variations like leaning back and grabbing hold of both her ankles and then just admire the view as you thrust in and out of her. Or (still with her legs on your shoulders) lean right into her so your faces are almost touching and continue to pound away. Take it easy whilst bending her legs into her chest as this may become uncomfortable for her.

Why is it good?

Well, seeing that look of sheer pleasure on her face as you are pushing your manhood in and out of her is amazingly satisfying.

4. The Coffee Table

This is one for those fitness aficionados out there as you may find that powerful arms and a strong back are essential, but believe me is one she won’t forget in a hurry. Whilst in this position make sure and tell her to reach back and give your nuts a bit of a twiddling as this added attention will make it all worthwhile.

Why is it good?

You are going to feel like such a manly stud whilst lifting both your bodyweight as well as her’s, plus watching her ride you like a pony is a sight to behold.

Images: sexyfx.com

These few positions are sure to spice up your bedroom shenanigans and make ‘playtime’ a bit more fun and interesting, so go ahead and give them a go and discover which one you (and she) enjoys the most.

Anything to add?