Introducing the New NSD Powerball® Autostart 280hz


More Speed. More Power. The power is now in your hands. The faster you spin the rotor engine, the more resistance it creates inside the shell – progressive, powerful resistance channeling directly your fingers, hands and arms. Choose slow speeds for a soothing, therapeutic force or spin fast for a powerful muscle building resistance; Powerball® offers both non-impact rehabilitation or intense strengthening, the decision is always yours to make.

The NSD Powerball will improve strength and grip performance for the following:

  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Squash
  • Climbing
  • Musical instruments

Plus any sport or hobby requiring good forearm and wrist strength.


A true cut above the rest!

This new Powerball has just made your injury recovery a whole lot simpler, with the older model, you had to use a string to get the ball started, but with the new and improved Powerball Autostart, you can start it by simply moving the mechanism underneath the ball roughly 3 times with your finger or an alternative is that you can press it firmly down on a table and pull it backward to wind up the mechanism, and then using your wrist to start moving it around in a circle to create more speed!

More speed, more Power, the power is in your hands!

So if you suffer with any sort of wrist or forearm muscle problems, then all you need is this nifty Powerball Autostart to help you on the road to recovery! It will help strengthen your muscles so that they remember how to work properly again and can be strengthened to be used how they should be, doing what you love most! Whether it be Tennis, Golf, Rock Climbing or Boxing! This is sure to help you along your way for any strengthening or muscle repair that you need!

Its ultra smooth in its rolling with zero vibrations! It can go as fast as 15,000rpm, and generates 0-16kg resistance. The faster you spin, the more resistance it gives. You can track your speed and time on the LCD screen, so you can easily keep track of all your times and try beat them each and every time you use your Powerball Autostart. The Powerball Autostart has a great added extra, it has a silicon band around it to help maximize your workout by giving you a much firmer, better grip in the ball. But even if you do still loose grip and drop it, don’t worry! The hard shell around the ball is built to last and take a few bumps and falls from the intense workout your doing!

Reviews for Powerball Autostart:

  • “I feel that this has really helped me get to the current stage of rehab I’m at with my arm. Most people, after ORIF (open reduction and internal fixation) will have a strength deficit of about 10% in Triceps, Biceps, and grip strength. At this stage I don’t believe I have any deficits in grip or wrist strength, and I partially attribute that to the PowerBall. I have also been using a grip device, but that will not affect my wrist.” Source: TitaniumGeek
  • By only emitting resistance that is proportional to the amount of energy you expend trying to spin it, it can also be used to gently rehabilitate sore or damaged limbs affected by Carpal Tunnel, RSI or even Arthritis. It’s totally non-impact and will provide soothing therapeutic rehabilitation for many debilitating conditions.Remember: slow speeds for gentle rehabilitation – high speeds for pure muscle building fun! Source: Go Outdoors

Buy now at Mantality and get your recovery process on the go!

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