American Crew’s Essentials Travel Kits


American Crew’s Essentials Travel Kits

Traveling is a bit like dating, isn’t it?  You might want to flirt with a few places for awhile, but you’re never quite committed to relocating.  I used to think I could settle down in Florence, until I cheated with the Rockies in Colorado.  It’s kind of like that weird, awkward stage in a new relationship.  You’ve got the thrills and passion of seeing some place new, but you never know for sure what kind of cockroaches linger in your hotel bed-sheets until it’s too late.

The Boy Scouts said it best: Be Prepared

Let’s face it.  You’re going to have to put up with a whole lotta crap along with the fun stuff whether you’re dating or traveling.  Delays happen, the airline loses your luggage, or some arse-hole picks your pocket.  We’ve all got a story to tell, don’t we?

That’s why American Crew’s Essentials travel kits are such a great idea.  Not only do they have everything you need for daily grooming, but they’re handy and a great pick-me-up for when you’ve got the hassles of lost luggage to deal with.  Plus, they come in a choice of three great scents that match your destination personality.

Go classic

When you’re traveling for a conference or business trip, stick with the Classic Kit that’s got shower and shave products in a traditional peppermint scent and aloe vera formulation.  The peppermint’s got that bracing effect for when you need to steel yourself in front of an audience at a meeting or lecture, while the aloe vera is perfect for soothing the dry skin that accompanies stale, recycled airplane air.

Take it up a notch

If you’re headed to a resort or all-inclusive, try the Citrus Mint kit.  Not only does the citrus have a sexy tropical aroma, but it’s a scent that really appeals to women.  Which means it’s a great line for when you’re looking to snag a local, oiled-up hottie at a beach or club.

Adrenaline rush

The Tea Tree kit is the ultimate choice for two situations: when you’re seeking an adrenaline rush on an extreme-adventure vacation, or when all hell breaks loose on your trip.  If the kid next to you on the plane spews his “gourmet chicken” on-flight meal or your rental car breaks down on the highway, you’re going to need the stress-relieving power of tea tree oil.  The ingredients are also great for reducing the zits your skin might develop from the accumulation of sweat and dirt you’ll experience after quadding in the desert or trekking the fjords in Norway.

American Crew’s Essentials Travel Kits come in a convenient and discreet 50ml travel size to make packing easier.  Just throw them into your carry-on and you’ll be set for stop-over’s or delays.

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