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Get Fit and Track Your Progress With Pro Track Fitness Software


Seeing the arse-end of winter is a welcomed sight this time of year, and, it’s almost as good as seeing the front-end of spring and summer (oh, and what a front end she has). But, and I’m sure as some will testify, during the winter months it’s a little trickier to shake that excess blubber. Blubber that comes about as a result of all those creamy soups, freshly baked goodies, staying couped up indoors, and chugging back those wonderfully comforting barrels of beer.

Not to mention your body is physiologically designed to pack on a bit more lard during the winter months: to not only keep you that little bit warmer, but also due to the fact that “food” ain’t so abundant in the winter months – well at least out in the depths of the wilderness – Woolworths and other convenience stores on the other hand are certainly not shy on anything but an overwhelming carb filled nosh-fest. All only just just a card swipe away from being yours and finding a new home inside your fridge; alongside your molding, ahem, I beg your pardon, “maturing” block of cheese and some funky smelling long life milk – and that’s all if they’re lucky enough to make it the fridge before being shoveled down your gullet the second the leering eye of the public has gone.

So why not use technology to your advantage and take a hold of those jiggly bits, do something about that unwelcome flab, and to get yourself in charge of the large.

One such piece of software: Pro Track is designed to track your workouts, nutrition, measurements, calories intake and much more – as well as display all of these metrics in a wealth of charts and reports whenever you want. Plus it’s actually well designed, and good looking piece of software, very windows “Vistery”.

Pro Track’s Features

  • Easy tracking of your workouts, nutrition, and personal measurements (e.g., body weight, bench press max, etc.).
  • Keep track of your calories burned and calories consumed.
  • Use the Daily Journal to record any information that may affect your workouts.
  • View and analyze your fitness information in charts.
  • Print detailed reports of your fitness information.
  • Export your charts and reports to many popular formats for use in another program or document.
  • ProTrack 2008Create workout, meal and measurement templates so complete workouts, meals and measurements can effortlessly be entered into ProTrack.
  • Choose from 100 professionally pre-designed strength training programs that can be downloaded and used with Pro Track as workout templates.
  • Print workout templates to take with you to the gym to record your workouts. When you get home, you can transfer your completed information (e.g., special notes, weights used, etc.) into ProTrack.
  • Copy your current day’s workout, meal, or measurement information to multiple day’s for easy planning.
  • Print blank workout, nutrition and measurement sheets to take with you anywhere to record your information.
  • Choose from a list of over 270 exercises when entering your workouts. You can also add or delete your own exercises.
  • Complete explanations on how to perform many of the exercises.
  • Choose from a list of over 7200 food items when entering your meals. You can also add or delete your own food items.
  • Keep track of over 70 nutrients.
  • Create your own recipes.
  • Set nutrition and measurement goals.
  • Set up a separate file for as many users as you like. This is perfect for fitness professionals who want to track the programs and progress of their clients or for documenting and analyzing the exercise, nutrition, and fitness goals of friends and family.

What’s Good About It

I’m not going to lie it does take a bit of effort and dedication to religiously enter in all the data, well initially, but thanks to the template and the ability to save workouts you do, and meals you frequently eat – it becomes easier. And once in a rhythm and you start to see the fruits of your labour it becomes incredibly inspiring and motivating and you start pushing yourself harder and harder each week.

The workout templates are really handy if you’re a bit indecisive about formulating a new workout. The database has hundreds of different exercises and workout templates (based on chosen muscle groups) for you to load up. This one feature alone makes it a worthwhile buy.

For instance, Pro Track can automatically calculate how many calories burnt for a particular activity, say playing 40 mins of squash, or going for a moderate 30 min cycle or swimming for an hour. It does all that calculation stuff for you.

The journal is a nice addition too, and gives you a chance to scribble up some notes regarding your workout, i.e. “Benchpress: ploughed through and extra 5 reps on the 4 set, nice going big guy!”, or “Fluck me , I almost hacked up a lung after the rep 20 on the pull up bar – seriously need to cut back on the cuban stogies!”

And at only $30 (for the downloadable version) it’s well worth the price tag.

Verdict: the software is surprisingly easy to master and reports back a staggering amount of info, laid out fancy charts and reports. The pre-designed workouts are really nifty too. It’s amazing the nutritional awareness it creates once you begin to get a feel for what the calories of the various foods amount too.

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