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Convert any door frame into your own private gym with this handy, extending pull up and press up bar.  It’s the perfect doorway pull up bar for home use. Enjoy a full-body workout, at home and in any doorway with this neat fitness gadget. It’s ready for the most rigorous workouts.  The unique design is suited for a range of upper body exercises.

Use it for wide or narrow grip pull ups, chin ups, wide or narrow grip press-ups (when placed lower on the door frame),  leg raises and much more. It is also extra strong and sturdy yet compact enough to travel with.

Best features we love:

  • No drilling or mounting on walls is necessary. It already fits in your existing doorway. Or check out this to learn how to make your own pull-up bar.
  • Made from extra strong and sturdy materials.
  • An advanced gearing mechanism ensures that it is firmly fixed to your door frame. It also features high-density foam handguards which are non-slip
  • Multitude of uses: depending on whether it is placed lower or higher on the door frame it can be used either for pull ups or press ups
  • Alternate your positions to increase the level of resistance and target a different range of muscles so you’re able to get a full-body workout.
  • It’s compact enough that you can stick it in your luggage
  • Doors can still be opened and closed while the bar is in place
  • Spirit level is a nice touch to ensure that the pull up bar is 100% level
  • The Pull Up bar from RPM Power is suitable for beginners or more advanced users

Now onto the review…

Review of the Doorway Pull Up Bar

by Clinton Pillay

Pull-Ups seems to be a very popular workout and this door bar makes it a very convenient workout as well.

To be able to give my best advice on this product I would have to give some info about me personally.

I am a 39-year-old who has barely done any workouts previously and I am certainly someone who isn’t very fit. Maybe it’s my age, but just over a year ago I had what the doctor said was a back spasm, and it seemed like I never fully recovered.

I recently decided to start with a few home-workouts but very minimal to be honest as I hope to gradually do more.

Getting the Adjustable Door Gym Bar (65 – 90cm) seemed a good idea and I eagerly anticipated delivery.

The moment it arrived it was unpacked and on my door within 5 minutes. It’s that easy to setup.

The quality of the product is so much better than expected but even with that I had my doubts about the stability of the door bar as with each use, I did wonder if I tightened it enough.

For the first few times, I did tighten a bit more each time I used the door bar, but it’s now been more than a week since I have tightened it.

Please note, the constant tightening was not due to any deficiencies of the product. That was just me as I know the traditional door bar to be bigger products that hook over the doorway.
I have twice heard of those falling and this newer adjustable one, in theory, doesn’t seem to be more stable but I have now realized how much more stable it is.

Pull-Ups are a common workout, but as previously mentioned I am not very fit and I am doing minimal workouts.

(Manufacturer’s video of the Pull Up bar)

I am not going to sound macho here and say that I can do even 10 or 20 pulls ups at a time. I started doing 3 each time, but 3 to 4 times a day. It is convenient as it’s in a doorway to my room which I do go through multiple times in a day and often just seeing it there I feel I should do a few pull-ups.

Unlike the traditional door bar, this one does not hang over or out of the door-way, so the door can easily be opened and closed without removing the bar.

It is also not reliant on the top of the doorway to be hooked, so can actually be removed and placed at any part of the doorway based on height and possibly other workouts.

I have been using this door bar nearly daily for about 2 weeks now and have since increased the number of pull-ups I am able to do.

And I mentioned my back spasm above, the pains I have been getting for the past year seem to be gone, and I doubt it’s a coincidence.

I just needed to work on my fitness and this door bar does seem to have made it much easier to be able to do a daily workout at home. I am sure with continued use, I will feel better and better each day, but I really didn’t even realize this would have made such a huge difference already.

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Pull Up Bar Review Score

8.5 Awesome

Easy to set up and allowed a range of exercises for a complete beginner to get started. It has also helped a lot with back spasms that I have been experiencing.

  • Setup and installation 9
  • Build quality 10
  • Range of exercises 8
  • Price 7
  • User Ratings (0 Votes) 0

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