Save Money On Razors with the Ingenious Razorpit Blade Sharpener


Are you tired of constantly wasting money on new razor blades? Well then we have the perfect solution that will save you massive amounts of money! Yep, you will now save money! Introducing the RazorPit Teneo!

The Razorpit Teneo is the next best thing in shaving, it simply cleans to hair particles and dead skin off the blade to make it sharp and new again! Don’t forget that it will give you an even closer, cleaner shave, so you will be looking and feeling super sexy! You will get 90% more shaves out of your blade than before by just maintaining a clean blade! So that therefore means, you’ll be saving 90% of what you would normally spend on new razor blades!

And better more, it works with any razor!


The founders of this amazing shaving gadget are 3 guys who had just decided enough was enough, they were tired of wasting money on razor blades and decided to brainstorm together to find a solution, and oh boy did they do well!

After many many attempts they finally came up with the perfect materials to use to make this shaving gadget, they used thermo-plastic elastomer as there final material and it worked wonderfully! We now have this innovative, out of the box thinking shaving machine!

Here are a few reviews from the customers that have bought this amazing shaving gadget:

Reviews for RazorPit Teneo:

  1. “I have used RazorPit many years and I can´t remember the last time I bought new razors.”
  2. “RazorPit is amazing. I have used the same blade from Gillette for over 170 days now. Still as new. I thought it was a lie, but it really works.”
  3. “This really works. Everyone who uses a razor should get a RazorPit – ASAP :)!”
  4. “Nothing else to say than: RAZORPIT RULES!! Thank you for an awesome product.”

Reviews from RazorPit website:

So all in all if your wanting to save money on always replacing razor cartridges, get a nice clean shave and look fantastic, this is the gadget for you!

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