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It’s never been this easy to get in shape and feel great. Our new range of resistance bands and fitness products are suitable for fitness fanatics, sports people as well as complete beginners. Take the resistance bands for example, this is a revolutionary new way – without expensive equipment or gym memberships – to tone muscles, increase flexibility and get better fitness results. These bands allow you to move up a band level as you improve. You can even keep in shape whilst travelling, which is always tricky, thanks to their compact size and weight. They’re great for sportsmen, fitness fanatics, CrossFit enthusiasts, and people looking for an easy way to get fit.

Build incredible strength, improve muscle tone as well as enhance your range of motion across specific muscle groups, or across all major muscle groups, including pecs, biceps, triceps, lower and upper back, legs and core muscles. Use them for isometric muscle exercises to target specific muscles. They’re also perfect for stretching, flexibility exercises and most importantly resistance training. These natural-stretch resistance bands allow for intense and controlled muscle tension for impressive strengthening results. For more experienced fitness fanatics, and those looking to add more resistance to their complex workouts then the pull-up resistance bands are just the set to add varying degrees of resistance to exercises. Although being a bit more expensive, these bands are made from quality materials and with proper care can last a lifetime. They make a great addition to travellers too, as ensuring you keep your workout regime when travelling is always tricky.

They can be used by themselves for an effective standalone workout or added to current exercises to increase resistance for impressive results. They can also help with rehabilitation for injuries. Allowing you to gradually increase the intensity and get your back to peak health. The only limit is your imagination. Here’s an example of some resistance band exercises to get you started.

All these resistance bands are made of premium quality natural stretch latex by Powerball, and are built to withstand even the toughest of workouts.

Resistance Bands

Examples of Resistance Band Exercises

Foam Rollers & Massagers

Foam rollers work deep into the muscle tissue to dissolve knots, trigger points and relieve pain and tension in the muscles. It can be used for multiple muscle groups and works like a normal foam roller – but with the added benefit of a deep massaging action. Used frequently they can ease muscle injuries, stretch the muscles and prevent further injury.



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