Review of the Grippy Pad Sticky Mat for Gadgets, Keys, Coins, Devices and more


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Recently we tested the Grippy Mat to see just how “gripppy” it actually was. Well, they’re not joking around – it sticks like crazy. From the second you start peeling away the protective film that’s contained in the package you get an idea for the stickiness that’s about to ensue. Now it’s not sticky by way of some glue or adhesive or anything, so you don’t need to worry about your valuables getting all gunky with bits of residue. Through some manufacturing marvel they’re able to turn a silicone material into this sticky pad. How sticky  you might be thinking? Well I put an iPhone, a USB drive, a pair of glasses and a R5 coin on the mat and it stuck quite happily. So happily in fact that I was able to rotate the surface it was stuck on to a 90 degree angle and everything still held it’s ground.

It’s not going to be sticky forever, but you can work on about 2 weeks or more of some good sticking action. And even then this is wholly dependent on how dirty the stuff you’re putting on there is, as the sticky surface will naturally attract dust and debris – so in essence you could get a good few weeks before needing to wipe it down. When this happens though, simply take a wet cloth and wipe it down to restore it to its former sticky glory. Washing it with a little warm soapy water will really do the trick as well.

Overall I’m really chuffed with the sticking power of this pad and as long as the surface it’s sticking to is relatively flat and non-porous, there shouldn’t be any sticking issues. Heavily textured car dashboards I’m told might have an issue and not stick well but aside from this most surfaces will stick like crazy to it.

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Sticks like crazy

8.0 Very good

Great little pad that'll keep your bits and bobs where you need them.

  • Stickiness 9
  • Longevity 7
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