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Review: Nickel Fire Insurance Aftershave Balm for Men


Nickel’s Fire Insurance after shave balm for men is slowly becoming one of my most “can’t do without” products from the Nickel range. The reason it stands out as one of the top after shave balms in my eyes, is that it boasts a subtle yet alluring masculine scent as well as being rich and creamy – so a little goes a long way. After applying the shave balm you can feel the rich balm going to work and doing what it does best: soothing and preventing irritation and razor burn – which it actually does. Another thing is that ingrown hair will be a thing of the past. Before Fire Insurance I noticed I would always get ingrowns and pimples under my chin where the skin was a little tighter and had less cushioning, but this no longer seems to be an issue.

Additionally when shaving err… body hair, pimples would magically crop up after a couple of days and ruin my seemingly smooth spot-free skin, not to mention a bit of unsightly redness and irritation thrown into the mix. Fire Insurance does a great job of alleviating this and keeps irritation and pimples at bay.


  • Smooth and rich after shave balm
  • Alluring yet subtle scent that stays for hours
  • A little goes along way: 75ml will last you approx 2 months.


  • Slightly hefty price tag. But it’s a 2 months supply for a quality product you’ll be using again and again.

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  1. I am a black man, suffering like hell from pseudofolliculitis barbae also known as aftershave skin irritation. What can i do peeps?

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