Review: Nickel Super Clean Scrubbing Gel 125ml


Nickel Super Clean is a men’s face gel with micro scrubbing beads that is suitable for everyday use. The gel has a subtle yet masculine fragrance and will leave your face feeling surprising soft and supple. What I do actually like about this gel is that it leaves a “squeeky clean finish”, and all without being greasy – all to often with other products I’ve felt my skin feeling a little greasy and slippery even after a thorough rinse. Not here though.The guys over at Nickel must be paying attention because I find it incredibly tricky trying to unscrew a cap in the shower and apply it at the same, then screw the cap back on (whilst trying not to get too much water spraying into the container) all in one swift manly gesture. Mind you, and if last night’s squash game is anything to go by, I think I do suffer slightly from what I like to call ‘a coordination deficiency’. However, Nickel Super Clean features a swing top cap – which means the problem is sorted (and the term “hundreds” for those in Jozi springs to mind).

The face gel works up into a foaming soap-free lather with only just a splash of water, and leaves no irratation after rinsing. The gel comes in a very manly (i.e. vocab comprising of inaudible grunts and meat-and-two-veg kind of manly) 125ml swing top container that looks really good sitting on your shower ledge.

The Pros:

  • Subtle yet masculine scent (that lingers for a couple of hours)
  • Soft, clean and supple skin is the result
  • Flip top cap for easy use (take note Grolsch lovers)
  • Non greasy, Squeeky (and soap-free) clean formula

The Cons:

  • Slightly pricey for a face wash – yeah – but you’re getting quality here. So once you’re ready to leave behind those cheap and nasty convenience brands your Girlfriend (or Mom: bless her heart) bought you from Pick ‘N’ Pay, and take your skin care regime and image into the 21st century. Give Nickel’s Super Clean a try.

Overall rating: 4/5


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