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Review of the Remote Control Mechanical Robot Arm Kit


Robots are fascinating inventions that excite the possibilities between creativity and mechanical practicality. Our Robot Arm Kit is no exception to that and comes fully loaded with everything you need to explore basic robotics by yourself or with a youngster.

Building your Robot Arm

The building phase is half the fun and is quite challenging –  but fortunately not too technical. Even for a simpleton like me, the clearly laid out assembly guide walks you through all the steps to getting it from a pile of parts to a mechanical master piece.

The assembly phase is a bit like building a puzzle. It’s not quick though and you’re probably looking at it being a couple of hours or a “weekend project” if you’ve got a lot on during the week.

The Robot Arm Remote Controller

The Robot Arm has 5 motors which are independently controlled by a wired control unit. From the images below you can see the 5 different switches. M1: controls the pincers seen at the tip of the arm; M2: controls the pitch of the pincer section; M3: controls the pitch of the top-arm and pincer section; M4: controls the base of the arm; and M5: controls the rotation of the entire arm. Also on the remote control you’ll find the LED light switch for the pincers. This is of course there for any subterranean work you’re going to do, or if you happen to be operating your Robot Arm whilst loadshedding is in full swing. (God bless Eskom)

Having Fun with the Robot Arm

All in all this is a surprisingly fun thing to operate given its simplicity. It definitely brought the inner child out and I can see mini-men, and young aspiring engineers  across South Africa losing themselves for hours playing with their Robot Arm.

It takes a bit of coordination to get the hang of which controls do what but once you’ve had some practice, you can pick up the pace and really start to experiment with what it can do. Sadly it’s only able to pick up things 100g or less so anything above this and the pincers might struggle. Aside from that though, the sky is the limit for what you can do.

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A tongue-in-cheek look at other uses

Good Clean Fun for budding engineers

7.3 Awesome

Challenging and fun at 1st whilst getting the Robot Arm assembled but then quite fun to play with afterwards. When not in use it looks like an interesting bit of tech, so would make a nice display piece in any mancave or kid's room

  • Challenge 8
  • Overall Quality 7
  • Enjoyment 7
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