Runtastic Orbit Fitness Tracker – Week 1


I’m a newbie runner, and I can only claim to be fit in the most general sense of the word. I want to get healthier. Healthier than I’ve ever been.

The trouble is I’ve always relied on self discipline, and as anyone that’s had an extra glass of wine, that extra slice of pizza, or pressed the snooze button for the 2nd time can tell you – self discipline is as unreliable as a monkey with a coke habit. (note: scientists are crazy, so I’m pretty sure at some point there was a monkey with a coke habit in the name of science, and I’m fairly certain that simian was quite unreliable.).

The question is how do we illuminate self discipline? Easy – we make it a game. A game against yourself.

I got sent a Runtastic Orbit Fitness Tracker to test out for a few weeks, and it’s been surprisingly different to what I expected.

This gizmo is pretty great for a number of reasons, these are my favourite so far:

It has a step counter, and you can set goals for daily steps.

Why this is cool? Most of my day is spent behind a desk, so I don’t walk as much as I should. When it gets to the end of the day I look at how many steps I’ve taken and it dawns on me that I’m no where near my target.

“I can’t get beaten by yesteday’s me, he was a woes! Let’s go hit the gym and beat his record!” I say, heading to the door.

Warning: It will vibrate 3x when you’ve done half your daily goal, and again once you’ve completed your goal. It gives me a fright every single time it happens. Once I almost jumped into oncoming traffic, and another time almost fell off a treadmill at a sprint. Maybe I’m more nervous by nature, but after a week I’m still getting used to random vibrations.

What I’ve learnt: I’m much more competitive with myself than I thought. I like that.

It has a sleep tracker.

I’m not sure what Voodoo it uses to divine these stats, but looking at the app (yup, it comes with a easy to use app), I can see how well I slept and roughly how long I was awake for when my upstairs neighbor decided to move around his industrial steel chain collection at 2am.

What I’ve learnt: I get better quality sleep when I go to bed at 10:30/11:00ish

The battery lasts almost a week.

Although you can’t tell from the device how much battery is remaining (maybe you can but I did what most people do, and not really read the instructions), but you can see the info on the app. My conundrum is that it takes a few hours to charge, so I have to find a time I wont do much walking, or it’ll ruin my daily stats, or charge it at night, but then I don’t get sleepy-time stats.

So far:

It’s been much easier to integrate into my life than I thought. Overall it’s been a good week, and I feel I’ve been productive without actively trying to be. Win!

Gimme one!

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