Seduce Like A Film Star With These Choice Seduction, Pickup and PUA Movies


If you’re looking to skyrocket your pickup skills, and have the success with women you’ve only dreamed about then you need to consider the following movies which cast some of hollywood’s flirting heavy weights. The leading men in the following list of big screen titles convey undeniable confidence and a certain “alpharesque” je ne sais quoi. All of which are essential for creating a flirting energy which inevitably escalates into sexual tension, which is key to successful seduction.

Every guy will have his own unique approach and style to pickup and seduction. It’s important to discover what your own pickup style is and then try and find an onscreen counterpart to emulate. My style and approach (to pickup and seduction) has always been direct but yet witty and charming by the same token, and with just a little brazen cockiness thrown in for good measure (this list reflects that). I’ve found this works for me, and I’m not going to kid myself into thinking I could do anything else just as well.

Have a look at the following movies and TV shows:

Cruel Intentions

Philippe’s character is cool, calm and collected with a hint of arrogance and just a dash of seductive charm. He is confident is his abilities in attracting and seducing women – this is very appealing to woman but can a raise a few “player alarms”. So be sure to let her know there’s a deeper more substantial side to you.


Although highly debated, this movie is said to be based on the speed seduction founder Ross Jeffries. With that in mind, there is a lot of NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and hypnosis tactics and mindsets that are explored in the movie. Tom Cruise like in so many of his roles is the same mind numbingly confident, seductive and infectiously charismatic lead. A must see. 


This is one of those PUA classics that delves into the very flesh and bone of successful pickup, how not to do it and conveying alpha male qualities.

The Devil’s Advocate

I’ve included this one in here purely for Al Pacino’s performance, the man never ceases to amaze me in how effortlessly confident he is – women are his for the taking. Notice how sure of his movements he is, slow and steady as if the entire world can wait for him. 

How To Lose a Guy In 10 Days

I’m by no means the biggest Matthew McConaughey fan, the man makes my guts curl! However, he portrays the ultimate alpha male (in most of his films) that every girl wants and every guy wants to be. He’s a man’s man as well as being an amazingly seductive charmer. Watch him.

The Holiday

European men are hailed the world over as masterful seducers, this is clearly evident through Jude Law’s character in the movie. His complete nonchalance and indifference when it comes to women (namely Diaz’s character) sparks thoughts of “why is he not relentlessly trying to get into my pants like all the other guys”. He comes across as confident, cocky, witty, sensual, caring, passionate and interesting, all of which are traits essential for flawless seduction.


You’re right in thinking that a pattern is emerging here with Jude Law, he epitomises masterful allurement and provocative seduction. Some may think that he comes across as meek and spineless, but he speaks to women on every level imaginable i.e. emotionally, physically, intellectually. Remember though that seduction, is not what you say to her but how you make her feel, you need to engage her senses and stimulate her emotions.

Wedding Crashers

I have one word for Vaughn and Wilson’s characters in this title and that is “charisma”. Posses this and you will draw company to you like a magnet, become the centre of attention and watch women line up for a healthy dose of that attention. Charismatic people are infectious, they have an incredible ability to make people feel good about themselves and in doing so become the life of any party or gathering, this becomes highly attractive to women as you are now seen as a high status male. 

James Bond (007 series)

007 represents the definitive rugged, suave, seductively charming and unattainable alpha male that any warm blooded female will swoon over. The element of danger, his well tailored and finely chiselled masculinity, his alluring modesty, witty one liners and seductive confidence are what make him a highly sought after 21st century man.

Sex And The City

Mr. Big’s character in this HBO hit is who you should be checking out. He is that confident, commanding, unattainable, smooth talking jerk that women love to hate. Remember though that a little cockiness is attractive but arrogance is definitely not.

So do yourself a favour and watch these movies and watch your seduction skills sky rocket, but most importantly try to pickup up on the subtle nuances of each of the characters, look at their gestures and what they are saying non-verbally i.e. through body language and/or facial expressions. As much as 90% of what you convey and say to a person is done through non-verbal cues and body language – it’s powerful so grasp it, use it and learn from it.


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