Six Mistakes Men Make in Bed


Six mistakes men make in the bedroom1.  You’re a pussy in the sack.

No woman wants a man that just lies back passively and never makes the first move.  It’s not that women want to deal with an asshole in the bedroom, but we do prefer a man who can take charge and tear our clothes off.  It’s a biological fact that women are drawn to confident men, both inside and outside the bedroom, so don’t be shy when it comes to telling her what you want.  We want to please you, so help a gal out and be assertive.

2. You don’t care whether we come.

At the other extreme of the male passive pussy is the jerk who’s only into it for himself.  We really appreciate a man who makes the effort to get us off, too.  Show us you care, and we’ll be only too happy to return the favour.

3. Going straight for the gold.

We like foreplay.  It’s half the fun, after all.  So we dread it when you take the fast-track to Vagina Central without touching the rest of us first.  We’ve got more than one erogenous zone.  Learn them, and use them, and we guarantee we’ll both have a lot more fun.

4. Arranging and re-arranging us into uncomfortable and awkward positions.

We can’t all be Olympic gymnasts so don’t expect us to contort into back-breaking poses.  Not only is it uncomfortable, but a constant switching up of positions can disrupt our ability to orgasm by interrupting a feel-good rhythm.

5. Predictability.

Five months ago you discovered a technique we really liked.  And since then, you haven’t stopped using it.  Novelty gets old, so try switching things up a bit and keeping the sex fresh.  The more bored we get, the less we want to climb into bed with you.

6. You’re obsessed with doing things the “right way.”

We know you’re only trying to help, but obsession with technique can be both boring and frustrating.  Women love spontaneity and romance, so stop taking advice from “sex gurus” that claim that only a counter-clockwise figure 8 will get us screaming during oral sex, and loosen up a bit!  Sex is messy, and not even a scientifically-proven 33 degree angled entry will guarantee us an orgasm.  Nothing is worse than passionless, technique-driven sex where you’re so focused on perfection, that you forget all about us.

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