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Gun Box – The Smart Gun Safe



Before this post even begins, Gadgets 4 Guys is not political. We enjoy poking fun at every aspect and embrace everything manly. If you’re thinking about hopping onto the comments section of this post to voice your political opinions, we have tell you: we don’t care. We don’t care if you”re touting an American flag bandanna, sporting a tattoo of Ronald Reagan on your sleeve, and Walmart jean shorts, we still don’t care. Gadgets 4 Guys doesn’t care if you look like a hipster, screaming that we shouldn’t drive trucks because of what they’re doing to the environment, and how awesome Obamacare is because we will don’t care.

What we do care about is technology and the benefit it can bring to our society. It can be simply adding a little fun to our life, creating convenience where there hadn’t been before, or something as noble as saving lives.

We found a piece of new technology that is one of those noble causes and manages to look awesome in the process too. The Gun Box is a smart gun safe that locks and unlocks via an RFID chip located in a band that comes with the Gun Box. You wave the wristband over the sensor on the Gun Box and it magically unlocks which means the only people that can open it are the ones with that wristband (meaning that kids and others shouldn’t be able to have access to the gun locked away unless they get their hands on the wristband).

The other cool aspect about the Gun Box is they actually created it to house two different USB plug ins which means that you can charge other devices through it. I don’t know that we recommend leaving it out in the open but if you feel that this is the safe option, you can charge all kinds of different devices along with it. There is also an option that allows you to have a fingerprint scanner in place of the RFID scanner if that would be easier for you. This was a crowdfunded gadget that we absolutely love for so many reasons and something everybody should consider if they own a gun. Click here for image source and where to buy.

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