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Imagine Badminton @ 260kph, That’s Speedminton


You’d be forgiven for thinking that Badminton is a rather dreary slow paced sport, a sport better left to those shuttle-cock peddling Koreans and British. But what if there was something similar but that didn’t need any setting up, additional ‘hardware’, could be played anywhere and didn’t attract derogatory remarks from your friends everytime you mentioned it – let alone played it.

Well, there is! And it’s called Speedminton, and set to take South Africa’s beaches, rooftops, parks (if you’re luck enough to still have one not littered with poop and syringes), parking lots and backyards by storm.

It’s simple and fun to play, but tricky to master – and boy is fast- up to 260kph if you were wondering.

Speedminton is new to South Africa and is currently only available through, so so you won’t find it in stores. Get your kit today and you’ll be one of the first in the land playing Speedminton.

Speedminton Blurb

Speedminton® – play wherever you want: indoors, in parks or on the beach…no net required – just have fun. The speeders fly straight and true, even in light winds. Day or night, freestyle or a thrilling match – you can play anytime. Speedminton: glow-in-the dark speeders, blazing fun!

Speedminton Video (4 MB, WMV) Streaming Video


No court, no rules, no limits – from a relaxed game at the beach to an adrenaline-charged volley in total darkness. Just play, without keeping score – for fun and action wherever you have enough space.

Windy? No problem: simply snap a wind ring onto the Speeder for stability in winds up to strength 3-4!

Outdoor Competition

Speed Courts turn tennis courts, streets, beaches, and parks into playing pitches: Use Easy Courts to mark your courts at the beach or on grassy fields. Line markers turn a tennis court into two Speed Courts. And on the street? All you need is a piece of chalk. So get out and start playing:

Indoor Competition

Rainy or winter weather? No problem: you can also play speed badminton at any indoor facility. Indoor tennis courts are perfect, but any multi-purpose arena can be turned into a Speed Court in a snap. No sets, no time-consuming preparations – just unfurl the Easy Courts or line markers and you’re ready to play!


Play when others are sleeping! The Night Speeder makes it possible: Snap a Speedlight into the fluorescent Speeder head to turn a park meadow into an ethereal experience. As shooting stars cross the night sky, you only see the Night Speeder! You have to guess your opponent’s position – pure fun and excitement! Tip: Wait until it gets completely dark!

Get your ready to play Speedminton kit here. Kits start from R485 for the fun set, up to R850 for the competition set.


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