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SpinChill Cools Beer Fast


This is America. In America we don’t like to wait on things. We have microwaves to make sure we can have instant mini pizzas on top of bagels. We have instant pancake mix because actually trying to put all of those ingredients together individually takes way too long. The smartphone was actually created to make sure we didn’t have to wait on anything which now includes ordering food, getting GPS directions to your destination, posting pictures of your ugly kid, or being able to text because phone calls can take way too long. One problem that still hadn’t been solved was being able to cool a beer off quicker without having to throw it in the freezer (subsequently forgetting about it and having it explode in said freezer).

SpinChill is a cool beer gadget that will get your beers down to a nice and cool temperature in a very short amount of time. SpinChill will actually connect to the top of your beer can or bottle and allow you to spin it in the ice. As the drink rapidly spins, it creates some sort of amazing scientific event that cools the beer off rapidly. It won’t stir the beer up to the point that it explodes on you either so you don’t need to worry about that. We all like to think that we’re prepared and will have the cooler ready and beer cold but that rarely occurs. While you wait for that beer to cool you can use the SpinChill to get one cold quickly while you wait on the others. The two guys that came up with this product come from a mechanical engineering background and decided to look at what was already available at Walmart and what they might be able to combine in order to make a brand new product. They created their first prototype and the story has taken off from there with visits to hackathons and their product getting a lot of buzz. Click here for image source and where to purchase.

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