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The 5 Best Sex Toys For Men in 2007


Today’s modern man is blessed with having a slew of erotic toys and sexual devices specifically designed for his manly pleasure. No longer does the realm of accessorised pleasure strictly apply to that of the fairer sex, oh no, men are quite confident visiting sex shops (buying online) and are having just as much orgasmic intensity with each and every ‘flick of the wrist’.

If you’re starting to feel your masturbatory efforts could do with a bit of creative uplifting, there are numerous ways to spice things up, intensify the pleasure and get the most from your wanking sessions – and one such way is using sex toys designed specifically for men.

The following is a roundup of the year’s bestsellers (in no particular order) and most sought after sex toys for men:

1. The Monkey Spanker

Based on a unique diaphragm design, The Monkey Spanker forms a vibrating tube (from the vibra unit located on the underside) as it wraps around your penis. Monkey Spankers feel really good and produce intense and extremely satisfying orgasms. The super soft stretchy pad is made from a highly specialised medical grade material and has been designed to replicate a women’s vagina.

What others are saying:

“Very simple, A soft, silicone collar in a plastic frame, which you slide on the lubricated shaft of your penis. The advice is to concentrate on the area just behind the ridge of the glans. I suspect it is more effective if, like me, you are quite tightly circumcised because the exposed inner foreskin between the glans and the scar line is very sensitive. Not sure it would be quite so good if you were uncut.”
19 August 2007 – Billy R, U.K.

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2. The Nexus Vibro: The Ribbed Series

The Nexus vibro is a revolution in terms of design. This prostate massager comes in a beautifully presented case along with the Nexus Prostate Bullet, which makes it a world class ribbed anal toy for men. Being smaller than the Excel it also incorporates a perineum massager.

What others are saying:

“This is amazing! I brought one yesterday.
I think the bullet is the best bullet i have ever used! it has these three settings that really hits my gspot and makes me quiver with excitement!
how do Nexus do it? what a great design too! nice to see they have made a ribbed toy like the Nexus Titus and now with a handmade steel bullet that is excellent quality and batteries i can buy that last a long time!”
08 June 2007 – James N, U.K.

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3. The Fleshlight Masturbator

The Fleshlight is undoubtedly one of the world’s best selling sex toys for men. This bestselling toy comes in a range of orifices and colours, namely; the vagina, mouth and butt. This toy is made from a patented Real Feel Superskin, which is designed to feel exactly like the real deal. When run under warm water, the material will retain the heat, making the sensation incredibly realistic.

What others are saying:

“Wow. A little but of lube and this thing is amazing. No wonder they say this can help improve stamina. It’s so close to the real thing but without the presure to perform. I’m going to enjoy trying to improve with this. Practice makes perfect…

Would strongly recommend it to any blokes. Very easy to clean as well.”
20 June 2007 – Anon, U.K.

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4. Omazing Intensive Vibrating Ring

Cock rings are incredibly good for enhancing erections and delaying ejaculation. What makes this cock ring the business, is the vibrating unit on the underside which will turn you cock into a vibrating phallic wonder. Turn the vibration unit around i.e. on the topside and you have a vibrating cock with a clitoral stimulator attached. Comes with a 60 min replaceable battery, plus the unit is water proof.

What others are saying:

“This cock ring is simply amazing – it will turn any cock into a vibe. More than great for clitoral stimulation when grinding against it. It is so soft and durable it will fit the biggest cock in the world and still feel great (for both parties.) For him it sends little vibrations through his cock and balls which are sensational. A must have for couples everywhere.”
25 June 2007 – Lovetherabbit, U.K.

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5. Gina Lynn’s Futurotic Pussy & Ass

Moulded from an exact replica of the porn star legend Gina Lynn. This vibrating pussy has 5 function modes that vibrate, pulsate and surge. Her vibrating pussy and ass is made from “futorotic” material which gives a super realistic sensation as you slide your erect (and well lubed) manhood in and out of her.

What others are saying:

“Amazing…didnt think it would feel as real as it does. Gets warm quickly with the warmth of ur cock. Makes me come hard every time.”
23rd February 2007 – PT, U.K.

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If you were looking to delve into the wonderful world of men’s sex toys then these are good 1st choices and should be in every man’s collection.


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