The Mantality Rugby World Cup 2011 Drinking Game


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If you followed our advice in the last blog post, then you should be fully prepared for the start of the Rugby World Cup. While the watching of sport can indeed be a solo activity, it’s much more fun to get the beers in and invite some friends to join you. It’s even better to have something other than national pride riding on the outcome of the matches. And so, we give you the Mantality Rugby World Cup drinking game. At this point that we are supposed to suggest playing the game with soft drinks, not alcohol… but where’s the enjoyment in that? No, this game is meant to be played with beer, so arm yourself with a beer keg, a cooler, and/or a bottle opener and the following rules:


Divide yourselves into two equal teams and decide which side each will follow. Don’t worry too much about this because you will swap at half time. In the event of a 100-0 massacre, this will prevent one team being sober while the other is, well, dead.

Tries And Penalties

Whenever a try or penalty is scored, the team who has been scored against must drink – two fingers of beer for a try, one finger for a penalty. Drop goals are worth three fingers. If the attempt is missed, then it is the attacking team who must drink.

Crowd Shots

Whenever the producer cuts to a shot of a pretty girl in the crowd, both teams must drink two fingers. If she is wearing a national shirt, or has flags painted on her face, that team must drink twice to celebrate her loveliness.

Serious Foul Play

If there is a stamp, eye gouge or finger-up-the-bum incident, then the offending team must drink four fingers providing the foul is punished. If the foul isn’t spotted by the officials, then the other team must drink.

Gruesome Injury

Should there be any injury involving bones or blood then both teams must finish their drinks. If the TV company refuses to show a replay on the grounds of public decency, refill and drink again!


Whenever the referee makes a call that no one in the room understands, everyone must drink four fingers. If the commentary team doesn’t understand it either, it’s time to drink up again.

At the final whistle, if anyone is still sober enough to count, award two points for every bottle of beer consumed. From that total, subtract one point for every toilet trip, five points if someone pukes and ten points for any alcohol-induced comas. The winning team is the one with the most points after deductions.

Not that anyone will care by that point!


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