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Power Brushing: Workout Your Forearms Whilst Brushing Your Teeth


I’m always looking for ways to multitask and save time, so I discovered a neat way to work my forearms (which don’t get much gym time the poor little things) and brush my teeth at the time. Here’s how.

Make sure you have the following four essential items:

  • Electric Tooth Brush
  • Toothpaste
  • NSD Powerball
  • Super Human Strength Hand-Eye coordination

Mastering the powerball is the first hurdle, so read the instructions, once you’ve buttoned that down grab your toothbrush and get “POWER BRUSHING”.

It’s tricky working the powerball the first few times whilst half decently trying to scrub your gnashers, but once you get the hang of it you’ll feel what a timed (thanks to the toothbrushes built in timer) and impressive fore-arm workout you actually get.

You really need an electric toothbrush for this as it is near impossible with a regular one. In fact if you send through a video of you successfully using a regular toothbrush will send you a free 250Hz Blue Standard Powerball – it’s that hard.


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