The Scarf: Winter’s Hottest Accessory


Winter needn’t become a season for drab colours and icy couture, find creative (and stylish) ways to inject colour and warmth into your outfits, and one great way to do just that is with a scarf – the hottest winter accessory for the modern man.

Choosing a Scarf:

When choosing a scarf have a think about your current wardrobe and which colour scarves would best be a complementary and welcomed addition. This is not to say that it should be a basic solid match to your shirt, try and creatively match patterns and colours i.e. with a striped button-up shirt look at a chunkier striped scarf.

Where in doubt, choose neutral coloured scarves to go well with just about any fashion situation. The following are a few of the most common materials you will find:

  • Cotton
    This is very versatile choice and will usually come in array of patterns and colours. Usually a lightweight alternative to cashmere or wool.
  • Cashmere
    This has a very luxurious feel and a debonair look to it. More suitable for dressier outfits, and although are pricey they will usually last for many seasons to come.
  • Wool
    Also incredibly versatile and usually chunky and thick in texture, so incredibly functional as a scarf in that you are kept warm and out of the elements.
  • Blends
    These will comprise of one or more fabrics i.e. cotton and acrylic. Usually light weight and cheaper, a few could be bought and then mixed and matched with your garments to suite.

Wearing a Scarf:

There a numerous ways to wear a scarf, however the most common and versatile are those listed below:

1. European Fold

This is a very chic and easy way to wear one’s scarf and is the widest and most commonly used style. Simply fold your scarf end to end down the middle (see Fig 1.) then put the scarf around your neck (see Fig 2.) and feed the tasselled ends through the ‘loop’ on the opposite side (see Fig 3.) to form a “P” shape.

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

2. Shoulder Drape

Wear this style (underneath) more formal attire or bulky outer coats. Quite simply just place the scarf over your neck and allow the ends to drape down from your shoulders.

A scarf will add flair and interest to any outfit with hardly any effort, so if nothing else make sure to don one of these stylish accessories this winter.


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