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Everyone loves a good party. Are you the one that creates the best mixes for the party? Get the crowd roaring for more with a compact DJ mixer that will have your party going all night long, or until Eskom announces Stage 4. If you see yourself as more of a vocal entertainer, or if you fancy being the star of your very own podcast then the iRig Mic is perfect for you.

Since every day can't be a party, we're bound to have one of those Mondays where nothing seems to be going to plan. Just as you think you've hit rock bottom, you realise that you're not losing energy from going on your morning run, because you haven't; it's because you've forgotten to start the day with a cup of liquid courage, and in Monday language, that refers to Coffee. That's why we believe that an even better investment than Bitcoin is getting a portable espresso maker so you can keep up with your Monday blues, or recover from the hangover from the party that you had to DJ for. Since you're not in the mood to stir your own cup of coffee, get a self-stirring mug that's there to do the job for you.

Need more than just a cup of coffee to fill the void that your blue Monday has brought upon you? Mantality has various electronics and technology that's sure to keep your Monday from catching up to you. Keep your most valuable assets safe with a theft alert GPS tracking device that notifies you as soon as your assets are on the move. While we're on the topic of valuables, we've all seen that situation where someone backs into your precious car, and then turns around and blames you. We've got a dashcam just for you to act as the perfect witness to help you get out of those sticky situations.



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